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And now against Rafa!

31.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to play just three today to book his spot in the semis of the Miami Masters as Gilles Simon had to retire at 3-0.

After 10 minutes and three games of play - Roger won 12 of 15 points - Simon called the physiotherapist as he claimed to have woken up with a stiff neck. He then realised there was no use in resuming play and shook Roger's hand.


Roger's last few days in Miami have not really been tough and he should be able to attack the round of the last four with plenty of energy. His opponent there is Rafael Nadal, it is the 23rd encounter between the two stars!

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04/02/2011 | 02:07 AM
Lucky yesterday that Simone was injured
What a shame more than two ues in a game bad footwork
empty like a wheel tire
04/02/2011 | 02:07 AM
I'm almost having a heart attack. Go Roger, you can do it.
04/02/2011 | 02:07 AM
This is sad now.
04/02/2011 | 02:06 AM
I'm going to bed I'm quite frankly disgusted you can't even hit the ball over the net. I'll go play tennis tomorrow and might even put on a better performance this is shameful
04/02/2011 | 02:05 AM
This will be the picture for the coming months humilated by the younger
players Nada and the Joker
04/02/2011 | 02:02 AM
This seems a lost cause really Federer either needs to watch matches or just stop making stupid errors play the man at his own game
04/02/2011 | 01:59 AM
April fool
04/02/2011 | 01:56 AM
Error after error this is shameful been a big build up and nothing is happeneing :(
04/02/2011 | 01:55 AM
go for it,
you can do it,
just do it,
Dear Roger
04/02/2011 | 01:55 AM
Go Roger! Unfortunately you lost the first set, but I'm sure you can win the match. Good luck!