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And now against Rafa!

31.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to play just three today to book his spot in the semis of the Miami Masters as Gilles Simon had to retire at 3-0.

After 10 minutes and three games of play - Roger won 12 of 15 points - Simon called the physiotherapist as he claimed to have woken up with a stiff neck. He then realised there was no use in resuming play and shook Roger's hand.


Roger's last few days in Miami have not really been tough and he should be able to attack the round of the last four with plenty of energy. His opponent there is Rafael Nadal, it is the 23rd encounter between the two stars!

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04/02/2011 | 06:32 AM
roger sort of predicted this outcome. he said in one of his post match interviews "i'm playing good right now but not incredible. in order to beat the top guys and win tournaments i have to be playing incredible". so i think he suspected as much. i will be cheering when he plays again. luv ya roger. you have the rest of the year to go. so go and rest and be ready for next event.
04/02/2011 | 06:22 AM
A lot of your fans are assholes. They say they support you and say great things about you but the minute you lose a match, they go apeshit. I don't think they have slightest inclination how hard it is to stay at top of the heap for long as you have. I think the media and your fans should take vacation for awhile and stop being so damn over- critical. Give the guy a break. Fucking jerks!
04/02/2011 | 06:17 AM
Dear Roger,

I'm here devastated. My heart hurts a lot.. And I wonder if Roger's heart also hurts...
It's unbelievable how these defeats affect me so deeply. I love you, man. I trust in you. I believe in you, I know you can turn it up, but I feel helpless when you loses.

I'm very hopeful that you can improve the game, the service, the trust. And Paul really to make plans to improve Roger's game.

I'm and always will be your eternal fan, no matter what happens...

With all my love,
04/02/2011 | 06:13 AM
Roger...u r legend...i dont care...i simply love ur style of playing tennis...u r the reason why i am watch tennis...really
04/02/2011 | 05:41 AM
Lets go back alil bit ... well if you do really read ur fan's comments a/o msgs, you would probably care for us being a devoted unrested fans !
So you went down to be no.3 as nothituffng cares! So, you have a coach, money, sponsors that everyone dreams about ,,, but u can't win a f*** match against Rafa or Novak !! I wondered if they were good but it turns out ur getting worse !! Time to buckle up and switch the gears in making movies or get ur feet back on floor and fight like a REAL Man ..
04/02/2011 | 05:37 AM
My Dear Roger,

I love you. You already did a lot for your fans. You do not need to prove anything to anyone. Just you have to sit and together with your family think: I wanna to take more some titles or I wanna to stop now? That's all and only you can answer that.

We just ask for you if your choice is the second one, please, be ready more than never. These guys, Nole and Rafa, are not going to give a single point free to you. Be ready and train hard dudde.

With a lot of respect for you.
04/02/2011 | 05:13 AM
Remember Roger, of all the people playing tennis in the world only two can (sometimes) beat you. Not your day today, and since you don't complain we can't know if you were troubled by anything other than Rafa's play. Keep your chin up, good times ahead! Always and forever an honor to be your fan!!
04/02/2011 | 05:12 AM
Another loss! Either he doesn't have the game to wing big matches or he doesn't care whether he wins or not. No matter, it doesn't look good. If this is the way it is going to be, don't you all think it would better if hangs up his racquet for good?
04/02/2011 | 05:10 AM
Roger remember th if poem by Kipling with all that has happened lately
You just being at the tournaments is something great to me
. You have accomplished so much
04/02/2011 | 05:02 AM
It was wonderful to see you and Rafa play, regardless of the outcome. Roger, you are exceptional -- never doubt it - in victory and in defeat. Remember that Rafa said "If I could play like Roger I would, but I can't" You are beautiful and one of a kind - your play is visually stunning (I am not an athlete but I love your movement.) All others are clumsy and stunted. I love to see you move - just beautiful. I also love your character - you are a gentle man.
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