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And now against Rafa!

31.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to play just three today to book his spot in the semis of the Miami Masters as Gilles Simon had to retire at 3-0.

After 10 minutes and three games of play - Roger won 12 of 15 points - Simon called the physiotherapist as he claimed to have woken up with a stiff neck. He then realised there was no use in resuming play and shook Roger's hand.


Roger's last few days in Miami have not really been tough and he should be able to attack the round of the last four with plenty of energy. His opponent there is Rafael Nadal, it is the 23rd encounter between the two stars!

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04/02/2011 | 04:50 AM
Any one has link to Roger's post match interview - today's semifinal ?
04/02/2011 | 04:47 AM
I agree with the Lone Roger but it would be great to see him win again. Fans should remember that he has won already this year and that he's usually in the semis or finals. His career has been legendary.
04/02/2011 | 04:36 AM
I didn't see the match but clearly it wasn't his day and things would have been different if he had won the first set as I think he likes to be the front runner. The age difference between Rafa, Novak and Roger is significant and is in their favour but I think his fans should enjoy every time he's on the court. Hopefully he will continue for awhile as watching people bash the ball back and forth will not only give them injuries but it's so boring to watch.
04/02/2011 | 04:27 AM
I don't think Roger believes he can win against Rafa and now Djokovic unless the courts are very fast like Londo Masters or perhaps Wimbledon on a dry day.

I don't see Roger winning anything during the clay court season so hopefully he can get his act together for Wimbledon.
04/02/2011 | 04:24 AM
Roger's serve isn't working, his footwork was like he is 40 years old, he never pounces on his break point chances or half chances (like love-30), his motivation is lacking, his confidence is not there in big matches and finally there are to many unforced errors.
Pete (unlike Roger)at the end of his carreer had his serve to bail him out even if he wasn't as complete as Roger. Peter would hold serve and be opportunistic on his break chances. That's why he won so many matches 7-6 or 7-5 or 6-4.
04/02/2011 | 04:21 AM
And by the way; i'll always be a big federer fan and i'll never give up on him.
04/02/2011 | 04:19 AM
Dear Aleks_p,

Thanks for replying.
What i meant by fighting is that he's still in the game and didn't surrender although he's the 3rd in the ATP ranking after being the 1st for 5 consecutive years. I think any other player in his place would have surrendered a long time ago after feeling that the curve is falling down;However i agree with you that he lost his fighting spirit in this match but as i said this is life and he has to work harder to regain this spirit.
04/02/2011 | 04:09 AM
Roger, improve your service! You're tecnically the best, but there'e something wrong with it. Less than 60% in first service? That's the problem. And, try to be more effective with your back hand... it's not as good as it used to be...

What a great tennis player you are! Good luck!
04/02/2011 | 04:01 AM
People - it is one match. Poor Federer. It seems like so many are being very critical here. Obviously, he was not himself today. Maybe he was sick or something. He has quite a bit on his plate with the twins and all. Still such a beautiful player who had a bad day...case closed...
04/02/2011 | 03:54 AM
and as a very huge fun, i must say its dissapointing to hear ur post match interviews these days. it okay to say,i didnt do this and that. ofcourse u dont wnt to criticise ur game too much, bt am afraid the lack of doin so is making u ignorant to what u need to do.show us that u know u made certain mistakes and most importantly say that u want to work on them. i know u dnt want a loss to affect u too much mentally but c'mon a litle concern makes us know tht u bliv in ur self jst as we do!luv u
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