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King Roger? No, King Arthur this time!

31.10.2007 | Off Court

Dressed as King Arthur from "The Sword in the Stone" for Disney's "Year of a Million Dreams" promotion, Roger was photographed by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. The finished photo, entitled "Where You're Always King of the Court," shows Roger, red cape flowing, beside a roiling sea.


The photo shoot was done in Zürich (Switzerland) earlier this year. "I wore hair extensions which was rather funny as I suddenly had long hair again, just like a few years ago, " Roger said. "I always think it's cute when little kids dress up as Robin Hood or Tarzan. So when they approached me to do King Arthur I thought the idea was absolutely great. Now that you're older you don't get dressed up for a birthday party any more, so to be in armor was a special thing. I did feel strong on that rock. Everybody is looking at me. I'm higher than everybody. I got the sword, I got the armor and I got the longer hair going. It was a lot of fun."




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