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And now against Rafa!

31.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to play just three today to book his spot in the semis of the Miami Masters as Gilles Simon had to retire at 3-0.

After 10 minutes and three games of play - Roger won 12 of 15 points - Simon called the physiotherapist as he claimed to have woken up with a stiff neck. He then realised there was no use in resuming play and shook Roger's hand.


Roger's last few days in Miami have not really been tough and he should be able to attack the round of the last four with plenty of energy. His opponent there is Rafael Nadal, it is the 23rd encounter between the two stars!

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04/02/2011 | 03:53 AM
YES GUIMARAN - I watched that too - just unbelievable - ROGER - BEST PLAYER EVER!!! Thank you!!!
04/02/2011 | 03:49 AM
Since there is 500 character limit on this forum I had to pick where I left off. Roger you are 29 years (not that you are old; perhaps tennis old) but your game today looked like 35 years old. I know this is all -ve stuff but sometimes one needs to hear it. Unless you have a plan to negate nadal's spin there is no chance you can win against nadal (may be indoor low bouncing courts). One last thought - Leave at top for people to remember how you were
04/02/2011 | 03:46 AM
To Just a Fan!!!

This is fantastisc! I have it! Look the same in 2006! It's better!!!

Maybe the racket!
04/02/2011 | 03:45 AM
WHERE IS UR FIGHTING SPIRIT? am afraid 2 say as i watch ur matches this year, u seem too relaxed.b4 wen u lost a set we were oways confident that u cud fyt back . when i watched u play u always showed determination to win! u did in the most sophisticated and subtle way en WE LOVED IT! i know u hav achievd alot & ur lyf is biger than tennis ryt nw but please remember ur luv 4 the game .you nid 2 ADJUST your game, move around,work out!!if other players did it just to get closer 2 u then SO CAN U!
04/02/2011 | 03:44 AM
And just wipe this loss from your mind and prepare for the clay court season. I really want you to get back to No 1 at least for just 2 weeks and win 1 GS this year. Just hang in there mentally and keep up the good run (Semis or higher since Wimbledon). You never know. In sports, anything can happen. You may even win 2 GS. It's all mental game more than physical. In a way, it's good that this loss lowered expectations for the next encounters that eases the pressure on you. Have fun GOAT!
04/02/2011 | 03:42 AM
Roger, this was is worst match on season!
Change the coach, because this is not the probleman! The probleman is you, because you are the most studborn tennis player in the world!
By and keep trainning! Focus to win, because, if is not your point, why your still playing?
04/02/2011 | 03:42 AM
P.S. If that Roger isn't coming back :( - thank you for all you've given us champ. You're the GOAT no matter what... no matter what numbers Nadal reaches, no matter what Djokovic does - your peak is unmatchable - best tennis ever. Thank you!!!!
04/02/2011 | 03:41 AM
I'm so sad :( Same match like against Djokovic in Dubai final. Roger just lost focus when he lost serve in 3rd game. And lucky Nadal hit net with smash on break point. And that was that. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP writte negative comment! Everyone who love Roger but now it's not time to writte that stupid thing. Roger you are the best ever and everyone who play/watch tennis now that, just don't want to admit. People now want to watch long really, much sweat, run and fight. Y r tennis!
04/02/2011 | 03:39 AM
Even before the match began I knew your's backhand would decide the fate of the match. But it seems you had no plan at all or may be you did. It's really painful to watch you submit like this. Nothing went well not even your forehand. I am a huge fan but sorry roger you are #3 player in the world. djoker and nadal would decide the next numero uno. I see no chance for you at wimbeldon let alone play any dominant role in the coming clay season.
04/02/2011 | 03:30 AM
Well Champ, it's obviously disappointing to watch you go down that way. Not sure why you gave up from that 3rd game of 1st set. Did you expect him to play like London WTF again? That's not gonna happen in the future. See, all the players have been watching you for the past few years and working on how to beat you. Now, it's your job to do what all is necessary to counter that younger pack. It's almost certain from last year that the game style has changed and you need to practice accordingly.