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Roger cruises into quarters

14.04.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger defeated Marin Cilic 6-4, 6-3 in Monte Carlo today and has booked his spot in the quarter-finals.

Roger continued his swift trek and needed only 36 minutes to win the first set. He was in control of the match even though he did face his only break point of the day in the opening game of set two. Both players recorded 13 winners, while Roger made only 10 mistakes, compared to 27 errors by Cilic. Our champ wrapped up the match after 70 minutes when Cilic's forehand sailed long.

"I thought Marin did well, actually," Roger commented after the match. "I thought he had a good mix going and I thought we were both serving well. I was really happy with the performance at the end."

On Friday, Roger will either face Jürgen Melzer (ATP 9) or Nicolas Almagro (ATP 12).

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04/15/2011 | 02:45 PM
Where's the emotion Roger? You seem so passive in these last two losses. No fistpumps, c'mons, no nothing. No effort to try plan b or c, u just keep smacking the same errors again and again. You havent made any efforts to improve in the last 2 years, or adapt to the slow conditions. Everyone's become stronger and hitting harder, playing with cuttin edge technology strings, and youre still stubborn. At least play with passion, and use your full arsenal of shots ( dropshots, angles, changeofpace )
04/15/2011 | 02:40 PM
boy oh boy, some of these fans are rough. i'm just not that upset. but it's the break points going by again. i'm sure you will try to address that. the good to come out of this; you gained some points and you got some practice on clay. melzer is no slouch. he beat djkc from 2 sets down in the FO last year and he beat nadal on hard court last year. the best is no fed--nad match. after miami, i don't want one. we love you and will be cheering for you when you play again.
04/15/2011 | 02:31 PM
after the match against nadal he said that clearly he isn't going to go through the entire match without hitting a shot, well i think he just did.
04/15/2011 | 02:27 PM
Nothing to do with Federer's tennis it is has all to do with A MENTAL BLOCK
that is bodering him. Fed needs a SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST
no more no less.
04/15/2011 | 02:20 PM
Pure embarrassment . If you don't enjoy tennis or winning don't go on the court. Don't degrade yourself . You now loose and smile , that's shame , sportsman shouldn't smile when he looses , should be pissed and get better for the next competition. You are no longer sportsman you are "GENTLEMAN" .
You deserve this , you should be even more degraded.
04/15/2011 | 02:19 PM
This was not your bad day! But don't worry! Your real fans are supporting you no matter you win or lose! Good luck for the next tournament! Enjoy the free days with your family! Take care and rest well! Kisses for you and your sweet family!
All of love and support,
04/15/2011 | 02:17 PM
hello roger,I wish for you that winner in monte carlo
gooooood luck
04/15/2011 | 02:17 PM
Rogi, what happened? That was not you. How can you be so brilliant one match and play like that the next! You must be very dissapointed, like the rest of us.
I did not see the match but watched the live score board. They are all learning that if they slog the ball hard enough they can beat you. You need to find a solution to that, pretty quickly if you mean to go on!
04/15/2011 | 02:15 PM
Guys dont worry the worst has to come yet
04/15/2011 | 02:15 PM
do not worry Roger u r the best no matter what they r all stupid.they do not understand .we love u keep on plying u r the king
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