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Roger out in quarters

15.04.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger dropped out of the Monte Carlo Masters after a 4-6, 4-6 defeat against Jürgen Melzer (ATP 9) in the quarter-finals today.

“He did well and played aggressive. He didn't give me many chances,” Roger said. “I didn't think I played terrible. It's the first week of play [on clay] so I didn't expect to play my best. It's been a solid tournament.”

Melzer had to be treated due to back problems after the first game. But he came out strong, pushing Roger into defense again and again, causing our champ to make a total of 24 unforced errors throughout the one hour 44 minute contest, not being able to convert any of the 7 break-points. The Austrian, in turn, took his two break point opportunities with gusto.

Roger will get back onto court in the beginning of May in Spain, where he will participate in the Mutua Madrileña Masters.

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04/18/2011 | 09:37 PM
***FEDELEGANT*** Thanks for the link to the 2007 match - RF's strokes were formidable and his movement sublime. Exquisite!

As I write this I am also struck that a measure of the man is the 31 and counting pages of messages, concerns, exhortations and loving support.
04/18/2011 | 08:52 PM
Rafa's returns are probably the best, he almost always gets them in and deep close to the baseline, where it is difficult to attack. And I like the way he says he 'must still improve, be more aggressive,' RF should definitely work on his returns and aggressiveness on the court. Also interested to see what Djoker brings on clay.Long way to the end of the season and I'll be happy for one GS title,just to remotivate and bring back the passion to his game.
04/18/2011 | 08:09 PM
Hi Roger
Again, a very disappointing match, He was good but it was not too hard for you to win. The way you deal with break points for you or the opponent is strange. I am convinced that you still have some more to give for this game. I will always know that you are the best ever but I can not understand what is interacting in your mind on court. Physical or mental exhaustion or even decreased confidence can not explain the whole thing. When will you have a helping coach?
04/18/2011 | 06:32 PM
For a good vision about the ATP ranking people can visit the forum
where there is a special thread for this subject.
04/18/2011 | 06:27 PM
I can't understand why for Monte Carlo Rogers points are not counted for his ranking. They are under non countable tournaments. Can anyone explain why Roger doesn't get his points but the other players receive their points for Monte Carlo ?
04/18/2011 | 06:16 PM
better luck next time roger!!!
04/18/2011 | 06:11 PM
Well, it's sad to see you lose but you just cheer up, and do your best in next tournament.
Good luck in Spain.
04/18/2011 | 06:00 PM
There were not kankings points added to Roger in his "great" performance inMontecarlo? Can somebody tell me?

Best for All

04/18/2011 | 05:39 PM

04/18/2011 | 05:22 PM
You are full of nonsense: Roger will be playing Madrid, which starts Monday May 2nd, so in two weeks from now.
If you don't know what you are talking about stop posting here. You are completely ridiculous with your opinion about our 16 GS winner and holder of several other records, the player whom many fans all over the world come to watch and who is called a living legend. You clearly don't have any respect for Roger, who deserves all the respect there is to get in the world.
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