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Roger out in quarters

15.04.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger dropped out of the Monte Carlo Masters after a 4-6, 4-6 defeat against Jürgen Melzer (ATP 9) in the quarter-finals today.

“He did well and played aggressive. He didn't give me many chances,” Roger said. “I didn't think I played terrible. It's the first week of play [on clay] so I didn't expect to play my best. It's been a solid tournament.”

Melzer had to be treated due to back problems after the first game. But he came out strong, pushing Roger into defense again and again, causing our champ to make a total of 24 unforced errors throughout the one hour 44 minute contest, not being able to convert any of the 7 break-points. The Austrian, in turn, took his two break point opportunities with gusto.

Roger will get back onto court in the beginning of May in Spain, where he will participate in the Mutua Madrileña Masters.

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04/18/2011 | 04:51 PM
Come on roger, the game without you is extremely boring. Although i respect all the other players but i lose interest to watch a tournament when you drop out of it. You're the one with the style, elegance and creativity. You have to come back man.
i dont mind if you lose, that's life but at least fight and show your fans that you're eager to win.
Come ooooooooooooooooon.
04/18/2011 | 04:46 PM
Again four weeks without playing any match on clay practise is not enough
one should have matches under his belt look Murray,Soderling,Murray,Ferrer
they all are in Barcelona to play and get more feeling wonder why Federer has
not put Barcelona in his schedule instead of taking so much free before Madrid.
04/18/2011 | 04:23 PM
Tough loss... I was hoping Roger to make it to the final.... I think Roger's problem is confidence, a few months ago he was playing amazingly in ATP WT Finals, so you still have the game in you, just not confidence.
Best of luck for the next Tournaments, where you can win a lot of points... ;)
04/18/2011 | 03:58 PM
Very disappoimting loss. Melzer was even injured and you could not beat him!
I know clay is not your best surface, but do you ebven try?

...and now you are not playing for a month?

Maybe retrenment with dignity is best
04/18/2011 | 03:21 PM
Dear Roger, what bothers me is the way you lost in Miami against Nadal. If he can do that on hard court then Roger fans might just skip all the clay season.
You dont need a coach to tell you how to win against Rafa. No one can win against him on clay playing baseline rallies. One needs a serve like Karlovic and return like Djokovic. If you can bring that then you can beat him even on clay.
04/18/2011 | 03:18 PM
Dear Roger, tough luck again. I am not concerned or worried about how you played in Monte-Carlo. I have seen this inconsistency in the last 3 years even losing to players like Montanes. and yet you some how you managed to regroup and win grand slams. Hope you work hard on your service and return game.
04/18/2011 | 02:13 PM
Estimado Roger: la verdad que me da pena cada vez que lo derrotan y me cuesta creerlo! su debilidad solo es mental y cuando pueda superarla los logros vendran por si solos. En cuanto a Nadal, creo que solo es invencible en polvo de ladrillo cuando sus rivales le tienen miedo. Murray lo demostro en el 2º set en donde lo paso por arriba.
Animos Roger y espero que subas el nivel lo antes posible!!!
04/18/2011 | 01:28 PM
its ok roger.winning and losing the part of game..i want to advice u not plzz lose a game on ur service..hope u do better..
ur Pakistani Fan
04/18/2011 | 12:07 PM
It isn't enough to have the best game on the Tour.
Lately your returns of serve are too weak!
A lot of them (after second serves too!) don't go on the court, and usually the right ones are too short.
The good returners hit back to the baseline.
If you want to improve, you can with this only one element of the game.
Your matches would change.
You could play better against Melzer or Djokovic (f.e. USO), but you could win with some better returns.
Hold on champ!
04/18/2011 | 11:42 AM
Dear Roger
I'm happy to be your fan and enjoy your beautiful game. Yes, there are some moments when you either don't do your best, or your opponet plays better! You lose then and that's sad for all of us, but it's sad for yourself as well. I don't want to give you any advice, I'm not an expert, but only think that your time hasn't vanished! Not yet, for sure. I think there is enough strength and wish rest in your body and soul, to play your best in the upcoming matches.
Wish you luck