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Roger out in quarters

15.04.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger dropped out of the Monte Carlo Masters after a 4-6, 4-6 defeat against Jürgen Melzer (ATP 9) in the quarter-finals today.

“He did well and played aggressive. He didn't give me many chances,” Roger said. “I didn't think I played terrible. It's the first week of play [on clay] so I didn't expect to play my best. It's been a solid tournament.”

Melzer had to be treated due to back problems after the first game. But he came out strong, pushing Roger into defense again and again, causing our champ to make a total of 24 unforced errors throughout the one hour 44 minute contest, not being able to convert any of the 7 break-points. The Austrian, in turn, took his two break point opportunities with gusto.

Roger will get back onto court in the beginning of May in Spain, where he will participate in the Mutua Madrileña Masters.

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04/18/2011 | 10:55 AM
Dear Roger, Do not pay too much attention to all these negative reactions!!!. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. You have achieved so much all ready in your life, and you still love the sport, you don't have to always win win win!!!!. Take care.
04/18/2011 | 08:24 AM
Roger is losing because of his own unforced errors and that's a good news because he can always work to improve on it. He also needs to take chance by not hitting the shorts back to where the opponent his. Also he needs to stop defence and providing sitters. It gives a huge psychological advantage to the opponent when he provides them practice shots with a weak backhand sitters. He needs to play more aggressive and also being clay season, he cannot expect opponent to make unforced errors.
04/18/2011 | 08:08 AM
You know what Roger? I WAS a big fan of yours, but lately I end up really really disappointed with your game and YOU. You used to win at least 3 Grandslams a year, then 2, then what? one? o c'mon. what's next? NONE?? and reaching a quarter-final won't put your name in the Cup. Why don't you WIN the title itself. You're not gonna go to record books by just reaching the Quarters. Losing in the quarters, semis, and finals is not far different from losing in the first round. bear that in mind.
04/18/2011 | 07:05 AM
I agree with those who have said that tennis will become tragic once roger stops playing. this constant baseline slugging and lack of imagination is so boring and dull. in yesterday's nadal-ferrer match the only point of interest was who would win, not how the game was played.
04/18/2011 | 06:09 AM
(cont) In the meantime, Roger has set a standard for the newcomers - & the ones we have right now - a high level of Tennis that has kept us glued to the TV for more than a decade! Do u really believe he will stoop that low as to try to win by hoping his opponent breaks a leg? Roger Federer brings passion, intensity, elegance, good manners and much more to the splendid game of Tennis, which is why ALL OF US POSTING IN HERE LOVE HIM - not because he was #1 in points just a few months ago...
04/18/2011 | 06:04 AM
=TPRNITGOAT= Seriously, have u noticed how Nadal plays? He gets into the rallies & hangs on waiting for his opponent to blow it. That's it. No GAME really. Yes, he's #1 in accumulated points, so? Novak is right behind him, doing the same grunting. U need to remember that those who have defeated Roger have been trying to do so for years. Yes, the time will come when Roger will move on. (continued)...
04/18/2011 | 05:45 AM
It is time for Roger to consider retirement, the field has passed him, all he can do is wait for someone to hurt himself.
04/18/2011 | 04:35 AM
Year end World Tour Finals (1500 pts) is more prestigious than Olympics (800 pts). WTF has all the top 8 players playing in a tough battle. And Roger won it 5 times and Nadal won none. Nobody highlights that since Nadal has none. They just want to bring our mighty Fed's dominance down, whatever be the means (and hence the Olympics and Davis Cup comparisons). But millions of people around the world know the value of Roger's incredible achievements.
04/18/2011 | 04:26 AM
Actually winning Olympics Gold was not a big deal until Nadal won it. Since Nadal has something that Roger doesn't have, the media and critics highlighted it more after 2008. So Roger just wants to get it on to his resume to shut the critics up. Nobody cared about Olympics during Edberg/Becker or even Sampras era. And more funny thing is they are bringing now Davis Cup to the GOAT debate. It's stupid to put a team tournament in the debate of individual player. It's just so junk comparisons!
04/18/2011 | 03:21 AM
Watch and enjoy. Hitting with such confidence and precision. That backhand is so solid and deep. Such a joy to watch as opposed to the bullish style of the King of Clay:


Those were great days. I hope Roger continues to inspire us. Maybe not realistic, but I can hope at least.