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Roger battles through

05.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger battled to get through to the third round of the Madrid Open as he eben had to save a match point to defeat Feliciano Lopez 7-6 (13), 6-7(1), 7-6(7).

"I got a bit lucky tonight. I had my chances early on, so it would have really been a tough loss," Roger said. "It was a tough match. I guess it will help me for the French Open, I did spend three hours on clay."

The two players were on court for almost three hours as Roger served 25 aces - his highest ever mark outside a grand slam event. Roger captured the first set of a very levelled match 15-13, did not manage to hold up in the second as he was beaten 1-7 and eventually came through 9-7 in the final set.


Roger will meet Xavier Malisse (ATP 49) in the next match on Thursday.

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05/05/2011 | 03:38 PM
Great job!
Best wishes for your next match!
Go Roger Go!
05/05/2011 | 03:26 PM
Great!! Good luck on the next game against Malisse!!
05/05/2011 | 03:18 PM
At the last point of the match, it was the fans rudeness that ultimately allowed Roger to win. At 8-7, Roger hit a high top-spin, the fans thought it would go out, starts to cheer, the ball is clearly very much in. Lopez gets distracted and commits an error. I think that I will thank the fans for that one. Maybe their rudeness also caused Lopez to miss the overhead at 5-2. Either way, being quiet would have been better for them.
05/05/2011 | 03:14 PM
05/05/2011 | 03:10 PM
What a match.. I'm so glad you won it. You played so good. Keep up the good work. Good luck to the next round.
05/05/2011 | 03:07 PM
Federer-Lopez was indeed a compelling match. Lopez played extremely well, better than I have ever seen before. The difference was three errors he committed in the last tie-break while Roger kept cool even when he stared at defeat right in the face (2-5 in the final tie-break). I think Roger's struggle with these opponents is an inevitable sign of his diminished power, but I really admire the composure and dignity with which he conducts himself in the twilight of his career. What a champion!
05/05/2011 | 03:03 PM
p. s.I hope that revenge will not come to Nadal. Not again.
05/05/2011 | 03:03 PM
Bravo for tough win.
I have not watched the match, but reading the comments I see that the audience was unfair to you. So many times have you lost to Nadal it seems to me that the local audience long ago lost respect for you, a true tennis fans should not behave this way. These days people are talking only about Djokovic and Nadal, you are no longer the favorite, except for your fans.
I do not know what to expect in Madrid. Do your best and we'll see.
p.s.I hope that revenge will not come to N
05/05/2011 | 02:54 PM
Roger---Way to tough it out, champ!
It was a nail-biter, to be sure.
Long live our Champ...Long live The Mighty Fed!
We are behind you, match by match.
Love from your #1 fan in Vermont, the Switzerland of the USA
05/05/2011 | 02:53 PM
Congrats,you fight to win the match and you finally win.Good luck .
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