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Roger defeated in semis

07.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to accept another defeat against Rafael Nadal today. He lost the semi-final in Madrid 7-5, 1-6, 3-6.

Roger was in trouble in the very first phase of the match, falling behind 0-2. But our champ then started mixing things up and gradually upped his level to break back in the eighth game. He did get into trouble once more as he trailed 0-40 at 5-5, but a series of attacks and first serves saved him just in the right moment. After several fantastic returns on Nadal's serve, Roger secured another break and finally the opening set. Roger saw plenty of break-chances in the second set. But failing to make use of any of them, Nadal easily leveled the match to 1-1. The third set offered plenty of opportunities for Roger to take the lead or come back onto the board - but unfortunately he was not able to take it all the way.

Roger will play the tournament in Rome next week, before the start of the French Open - the second Grand Slam of the season.

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05/09/2011 | 06:14 AM
going along with my coment, im lokking at you and i really have confidence that rafa and "nole" are not taking care of you but you will be in very front because they are worry about defeating each other, and you dont have that pressure, but you are doing fine, also taking out estoril was a good decision, best regards for rome Roger!!!!!!!!!!
05/09/2011 | 06:09 AM
do not put your heart on this defeat, i could see you are improving on clay and thats excellent, man you'll be better im sure, nadal is good but what you have shown in the first set 5-5 was amazing, you can realize that defeating rafa is on your hand you dont have to be perfect against him , he is a man, and you will be defeating sooner than expected! you do not have to lose anything in rome so keep trying you can do it, you are number #1 you won atp barclays final tour isnt it? INDEED YOU ARE!
05/09/2011 | 05:52 AM
o problema não é reclamar, acho justo. O juiz errou na entrada da boleira. deveria voltar o ponto
No inicio do set 2 houve discussao exagerada! de marcação da bola fora do nadal, logo no primeiro game. Tomou 5-1 em seguida. No terceiro ele tambem argumentou.
Fed fica muito irritado, nao leva a lugar algum. Ele tava quase atacando o juiz. Isso influencia sim no emocional. Briga pesado com o juiz depois do jogo
Certo ou errado, isso atrapalha no foco nos proximos pontos.
05/09/2011 | 05:30 AM

Se você tivesse jogando tennis e uma garota entrasse na quadra ainda durante o jogo e desviasse sua atenção te fazendo perder você não iria reclamar com o juiz para anular o game mesmo que isso tirasse um pouco sua concentração!?
As vezes um game é essencial para a vitória por isso eu acho que Roger, mesmo sendo brilhante, deveria ter reclamado pois estava defendendo seus direitos, mas como esse juiz não foi nada justo acabou por deixar tudo como tava...

05/09/2011 | 05:25 AM
Roger can potentially gain a lot of points in Rome. He lost his opener to Gulbis last year there.

It is a very slow surface. Tough for Roger. Difficult draw, too. If Roger plays the way he played against Nadal in the 1st set, there is hope for our hero reaching the semi-final and gain some points. He'll face Nadal there, so let's not talk about it now.

Nadal-Bellucci is going to be a great match. Bellucci may give Nadal some headache.
05/09/2011 | 04:54 AM
Roger, continuing with my comment, I loved the aggressiveness of your game, trust me, I believe you can win the French again. It is important to continue this path, we really enjoy watching you play.
05/09/2011 | 04:52 AM
Hi Roger,
This was a great match, and I am sure you will take the best out of it. Holding at 5-5 and 0-40 was great stuff. I also saw you neutralize Rafa's forehand with a deep slice, and at the end the difference was that break of serve in the third set after leading the game 40-15 and making two unforced errors.
I believe you are at the right place now, people will be talking about Rafa and Novak for the title in Paris, and you are at the "back seat" which is a great position to be now.
05/09/2011 | 04:29 AM
Come on Roger. Keep your focus. Keep up the attack. Believe! Do not drift for one second mentally. Now is the time in your career when you should be playing your best and cementing your legacy. End the Djokovic run in Rome, win the French. Meditate at least once a day and get your chakras in alignment! Peace.
05/09/2011 | 03:54 AM
Hi Roger,
for me the only mistake you did was keep arguing and arguing with the referee. This affects concentration / focus. You dont need that. You will not win against the referee.
All the best
05/09/2011 | 03:48 AM
firs of all, you have played a fantastic game, heres my feedback
1- the good thing you have got that forhand back and used it, please keep focus on that shot because its your big weapon.
2- your back hand is getting better
3- you need to be more confident, i feel like you lost the second set because of a confident issue.
finally, keep this attcking performance never play in defense.
good luck in rome
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