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Roger defeated in semis

07.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to accept another defeat against Rafael Nadal today. He lost the semi-final in Madrid 7-5, 1-6, 3-6.

Roger was in trouble in the very first phase of the match, falling behind 0-2. But our champ then started mixing things up and gradually upped his level to break back in the eighth game. He did get into trouble once more as he trailed 0-40 at 5-5, but a series of attacks and first serves saved him just in the right moment. After several fantastic returns on Nadal's serve, Roger secured another break and finally the opening set. Roger saw plenty of break-chances in the second set. But failing to make use of any of them, Nadal easily leveled the match to 1-1. The third set offered plenty of opportunities for Roger to take the lead or come back onto the board - but unfortunately he was not able to take it all the way.

Roger will play the tournament in Rome next week, before the start of the French Open - the second Grand Slam of the season.

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05/09/2011 | 03:43 AM
I was very disappointed with your play. Even though Nadal's returned ball is not clear - extreme spin and high bound, you should control it well without any frustration. Moreover, you need a confidence of yourself when you play top player - Rafa, Novak and so on. Bear in mind that you must don't try approach net when your return ball is in front of opponent player even excellent your attack.
05/09/2011 | 03:14 AM
I am extremely disappointed, sad and angry!
Roger, you are without doubt the best the world has ever seen. If anyone says, Nadal played better in the second send set, it isn't true. He did not win the match, you lost it!
You keep giving credit to Rafa when he doesn't deserve it. My personal opinion is you don't need a coach, you need someone to Hypnotize you against thinking of your dear friend!
05/09/2011 | 03:11 AM
Roger, I saw your match yesterday and let me tell you that you had a great game, maybe some troubles, but your performance was very good. Unfortunately that ball in the second set did not help you. But I think you played very well. Good luck in Rome, you can do it. Regards.
05/09/2011 | 03:07 AM
I don't like to see you lose either dear Roger - but you fought the good fight against Nadal. Your tennis will always inspire me - win or lose.

Remember all your fans who just love to see you compete. No one compares!!
05/09/2011 | 02:58 AM

You were soo close to making it to the final. What happen? I hate seeing you lose! Hope you took some positives from the match. Best of luck in Rome.
05/09/2011 | 02:55 AM
Hi Roger - you got one round further in this tournament than Monte Carlo, so you're doing a great job. That first set was an incredible turn around. So many magic shots - amazing! Good luck in Rome - I'll be watching and cheering for you, as usual!

05/09/2011 | 02:45 AM
Stay strong, focused, frustration changes your game. You can win, we believe in you.
05/09/2011 | 02:29 AM

Stop thinking. Just stay in shape and play.

Let it flow, and let it go. It's happening. You're looking good.
05/09/2011 | 02:25 AM
Dear Maestro Roger, I still think you are more than capable of beating Nadal and Djokovic. You have the skill, the stamina and just need the belief always and you will beat them. You are still playing brilliantly. You have a very heavy schedule though, but perhaps that is a good thing, you will win another title very soon I am sure, all love
05/09/2011 | 02:17 AM
Hi Roger, I wish you with all my family all the best at everything, play tennis on your own, be cool and happy, say hi to your twins.