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Roger defeated in semis

07.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to accept another defeat against Rafael Nadal today. He lost the semi-final in Madrid 7-5, 1-6, 3-6.

Roger was in trouble in the very first phase of the match, falling behind 0-2. But our champ then started mixing things up and gradually upped his level to break back in the eighth game. He did get into trouble once more as he trailed 0-40 at 5-5, but a series of attacks and first serves saved him just in the right moment. After several fantastic returns on Nadal's serve, Roger secured another break and finally the opening set. Roger saw plenty of break-chances in the second set. But failing to make use of any of them, Nadal easily leveled the match to 1-1. The third set offered plenty of opportunities for Roger to take the lead or come back onto the board - but unfortunately he was not able to take it all the way.

Roger will play the tournament in Rome next week, before the start of the French Open - the second Grand Slam of the season.

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05/08/2011 | 10:27 PM
Come on Roger - do it in Rome. Surely Novak must be beaten soon. Love, Liz x
05/08/2011 | 10:17 PM
roger pls can you try to win rome for all you fans
05/08/2011 | 09:56 PM
Bite your tongue !!!
I watched the Djoko-Nadal match...Nadal deserved to lose there was nothing spectacular about the way he played today..he lost it !!!
I am convinced that Roger could have taken him today, had Nadal played the way he did in the final...Different folks, different strokes etc...too many variables in tennis or any sport for that matter to attempt to predict the future...stop it !!!
05/08/2011 | 09:48 PM
And Federer did improve this week and for me, he has alot to give. Djokovic's run will not last forever and Nadal's clay court game cannot improve and so others will catch up sooner or later. Federer's play is still the best to watch and I am sure he will win more trophies this season. He just has to have faith and know this and that must be his dominant thought! That's 'The Secret'
05/08/2011 | 09:43 PM
Something is wrong, I don't believe that the joker has such luck to win specially his mental game. ATP should do something with all the palyer, No cheating allowed.
05/08/2011 | 09:43 PM
More like Nadal no match for Djokovic on clay! He got dominated like in first set of semifinal except Djokovic was consistent in the second set as well. Nadal looks vulnerable when you hit high and deep to his backhand, he almost just punts the ball back in play with no pace. I think other players will opt for the same strategy against Nadal.
05/08/2011 | 09:40 PM
Hi Roger,

I don't believe the joker is that good. ATP should check every player on spot test. I may be wrong.
05/08/2011 | 09:39 PM
***Fedelegant, Nadal's mental strength can be "matched' and it was"surpassed today by Djoko...it was certainly "matched" by Roger at the WTO only 6 months ago and to keep things somewhat even,in Madrid in 2009. I have no doubt that Roger has not yet reached his fulfillment , that he has yet to play the best tennis of his life !!! AND HE WILL DEFEAT NADAL AND DJOKO ON HIS WAY THERE !!!
(and tell me I'm dreaming... that 's OK, it 's such a nice dream !!!..)
05/08/2011 | 09:39 PM
I wanted also to say - what do we really want? Roger and Rafa fighting it out for GS's and the top spot - suits me - or the Serb winning everything because Roger and Rafa are stymied. The Serb reaching the final easily whilst Nos.1 and 3 seeds are forced time and again to fight out the semi and Roger seems far more able to beat the Serb than to beat Rafa except on Roger's best surface, the fast indoor courts where NO GS's AT ALL are played now.......Time the EoY was rated GS.
05/08/2011 | 09:36 PM
Hi Roger.

You have a wonderful week in Madrid. Don't get dissapointed. An old saying, Try try try until you succeed. Concentrate in your game, play your best and you will achieve your goals.