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Roger advances

25.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger defeated Maxime Teixeira 6-3, 6-0, 6-2 in his second match at the French Open today.


"It's so difficult to come out and play on a big court when you are not used to it," said Roger of his 22-year-old opponent. "I'm playing here for the 12th year and I'm very experienced."

Our champion was broken once early in the first set but fought back and captured the set after 33 minutes. In the second set Roger found back to his usual strength - securing three breaks and taking the set 6-0. Roger left Teixeira without any chance in the final set and used his third match ball to win his second match in Roland Garros.

Roger will now face Janko Tipsarevic (ATP 29), our champ leads the head-to-head 3:0.

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05/27/2011 | 01:48 PM
Why stop _volleys if they are useless
05/27/2011 | 01:40 PM
Anyone watching the game?
Roger has the first set 6-1 in 19 minutes. Short and Sweet Rog
And a break in the second
Way to go Roger!!!
05/27/2011 | 12:25 PM
Hai Rog,

Well played! Good Luck for the remaining matches. Play positively & confidently as usual. You will achieve all your goals very soon! Billions of prayers & wishes are always with you Dear!

05/27/2011 | 12:07 PM
ROGER!!!!!!!!! u r getting better and i know u will win the FO IA :) believe and behold :D
05/27/2011 | 08:19 AM
1. We need Nole to keep Rafa from getting points so that Roger can become No.1.
2. Roger will win FO if he plays without frequent unforced errors
3. Watch out for DelPo/Nole tonight(4th match)
4. Roger playing Tippi around noon Paris time
5. Go Roger GodSpeed - it's in your own hands now.
6. Let's see Roger No. 1 again after winning FO & Gerry Webber and Wimbledon as he deserves - hooray!
7. You all keep writing & supporting - great job!
8. Nadal will lose by SemiFinal time.
05/27/2011 | 06:50 AM
I can't agree more with Mitz's post (03:35). Good luck, Roger! Take Janko out in straights please.
05/27/2011 | 05:09 AM

It was fun to watch. Thank you for another beautiful tennis.

Good luck for next match. Janko can be dangerous.
05/27/2011 | 04:56 AM
Hello Roger!
Wishing you GOOD LUCK againt Tipsy. He is a tricky player. BE AGRESSIVE. Don't lose concentration. God bless you with patience and great shots plus....
Love you and wil be thinking about you playing and worrying as I usely do.... because I want you to win this tournament so badly. FIGHT, don't let the Djoker get it.
05/27/2011 | 03:41 AM
Roger I believe in tennis miracles and you are our miracle. Come on back dear champion and show the rest of them how to win. Godspeed dear Roger!! It is time for Nole's reign to end. Bring back the King of Tennis as we love to watch you play!
05/27/2011 | 03:35 AM
Saw your mathch Roger and you have a great start for this tournament. Hang in theer and give it all you have got as you usually do and you will be the victor!!
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