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Round four at the French Open

27.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger booked his spot in the last 16 of the French Open with ease today, defeating Janko Tipsarevic 6-1, 6-4, 6-3 in precisely 90 minutes.

"I'm very happy, really," Roger said. "I thought that it would have been a lot more difficult. The first set was the key. That gave me confidence and it made him doubt his game plan. It's very nice playing tennis in such a situation because I feel I have less pressure than 10 years ago when everyone was comparing me to Pete Sampras and I had not won anything yet. So it's more relaxed now."

Roger raced through the first set, securing it after a mere 19 minutes thanks to two breaks. There was a fair deal of rallying in the second set and Roger hat to fight off a break-point with an ace, only to break through himself later to 3-2 and finally take the set. The last set and thus the match clearly went to Roger without much of a fight.  

Roger next faces either Stanislas Wawrinka or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga for a place in the quarter-finals.

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05/29/2011 | 07:58 AM

Today, it will be easy to win against your countryman - Wawrinka but don't think life is easy in Tennis today, this tournament is a GRAND SLAM !!! So, PLEASE concentrate on 100% serve, and play off-guard shots instead of returning in the center of the court and return shots to the extreme corners, don't count on your backhand, it fails usually ! Take care ! Point by Point, please !!! Good Luck !!!
05/29/2011 | 07:30 AM
All the best against Stan I´ll be rooting for you.Come on Roger!!!
05/29/2011 | 06:31 AM
Roger!! You continue to amaze us all with your brilliance! Bravo! I lOve watching you play. Good Luck:)
05/29/2011 | 06:12 AM
Thank you, **Hughsie (Margaret), to take the time to remind us of Roger's illness back in 2008. Watching images of the RG2008 final and Roger speaking on court afterwards it is very clear to see and hear that Roger was still ill at the time. Hearing his voice and watching how pale and hollow-eyed he looked makes it an even bigger achievement that he managed to make it to the final at all that year. That must have been by mere mental strength and will power. Admirable!

05/29/2011 | 05:38 AM
Bravo, such great play, Roger. You are quite a lot beyond Tipsarevic's abilities, although he tries hard. Re ***Hughis's comments about your first match at teh AO, when you looked pale as I have never seen you, I think it was a kind of cooperative setup. He tires you out, and then comes his countryman. And so it was. Now, Wawrinka is decent, but he has high ambitions, along with Lundgren. You have Advanced in all ways since then (Lundgren) so be friendly but absolutely firm against Stan, please.
05/29/2011 | 05:19 AM
Roger, my best wishes for tomorrow's match. May God bless and guide you to victory.
No matter what, don't get bothered by your opponent or the man on the chair. One point at a time and you will get there. You know you can do it. then do it. Thank you, thank you.
will love you always.
05/29/2011 | 04:37 AM
05/29/2011 | 04:12 AM
Go go gO Roger
i love you very much
05/29/2011 | 03:37 AM
commentators, so called fans in general.
Thank heavens for our wonderful & fair commentator, Fred Stolle, himself a GS champion, who yesterday mentioned that Roger had mono during the AO open but did not know it.Thank you Fred .
I wish Roger all of the very best for his 4th round match
Kindest regards
05/29/2011 | 03:30 AM
Re all of the press & rather boring comments that Tipsarevic almost beat Roger at the 2008 match is quite silly. We were courtside for that match on a very hot humid day. Roger WAS a very sick looking man when he walked on to the court,BUT he fought and fought for 4 plus hours [and drank buckets of fluids]
to win that match. My admiration for Roger and his fighting capabilites were present then, but were enhanced from that match onwards.
It taught me an enormous amount about the media,
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