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French Open Final!

03.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger showed a brilliant display in the semi-final of the French Open today, ending Novak Djokovic's winning run with a 7-6,(5), 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(5) victory and setting up a meeting with Rafael Nadal in the final.

"I've trained a lot during my whole life for these kinds of matches," Roger said. "There was an enormous amount of pressure on Novak and he really played well."

Roger had an answer to just about everything Djokovic showed on court today, even though cumulating 46 unforced errors on the way, five more than his opponent. After taking the first set in a tiebreaker, Roger managed an early break in the second and brought home the set smoothly. Djokovic came back in the third set as Roger also committed too many errors. Just like the opening set, the fourth was a tough fight with breaks on both sides, ending in a tiebreaker. That proved another immensely tight fight, but Roger eventually rode home the victory with his 18th ace.

Our champ will now face Rafael Nadal on Sunday in the final of the 2011 French Open in what promises to be another classic duel between the two players. It is the fourth time in six years that the two meet in the Paris final.

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06/05/2011 | 09:31 PM
only in tennis can the fact that you are very good at something be a detriment. roger is great on clay, that is how he endis up in all these clay finals. if he had lost in the SF of at least 8-10 of these, his record against nadal would look great. nadal lost early for a long time in AO and USO. roger has 9 major hardcourt wins. played nadal in 1 at AO. ahead 2-1 on grass. nadal won 2 hard court majors. so his record looks great against roger. the H2H is the critic's only weapon. so unfair.
06/05/2011 | 09:30 PM
The first set looked like you'd beat Nadal as you began like you were Friday. Then it got tougher, but you still played a marvelous game - elegant, athletic, fast-paced, clever, supreme!! Sad when you went down, but great to take 3rd set.
Prepare for Winbledon in Halle. Get yourself together and know that you ARE The Best and can beat anyone. These 2 weeks you've played masterful as ever!!
You are the Phoenix returned to top form!

We'll watch you win GS #17 at Wimby!!!
06/05/2011 | 09:28 PM
Go Roger Go!
Vamos Roger eres el mejor de la historia, Wimbeldon es tuyo ve y lucha por lo tuyo!
te apoyaremos siempre...
Te mandamos mucho cariño de Costa Rica!
06/05/2011 | 09:23 PM
How much ever Nadal wins against u, or whatever records he makes, U will be the greatest player of all time. It just doesnt depend on the head to head. Its more based on the way u gracefully u play tennis. Its not like the run what he does. Only after watching ur tennis, I started loving the game itself!
06/05/2011 | 09:22 PM
You will come back and win over Nadal yet. You came so close today, it broke my heart but not your spirit. One miss in first set at 5 - 2 turned the tide so be proud of your match. You stayed in it until the last set. Good luck in London. The better man did not win today. Come back even stronger. You could have beaten anyone on Friday and you will do that again.
06/05/2011 | 09:20 PM
Why? just why
06/05/2011 | 09:15 PM
Congratulations Roger on a fantastic tournament. I would love to take back that first set..sigh. Wimbledon abeckons & "7" has a nice ring to it. Go get it Rog.
06/05/2011 | 09:13 PM
I am very sad but I know you are perfect player and personality.I love your equanimity,submission,so you are very brilliant person.I belive you should fotget this match and show us your perfect games.GO ROGER ROGERRR!!!!!!!!!!!
06/05/2011 | 09:12 PM
Dear Rog!!

Firstly heartiest congratulations for an incredible two weeks in Paris with some amazing tennis n heroics!! Thanks a tonne for that!! Secondly, kudos for your best match against Rafa at Roland Garros, played with trademark belief and confidence!!! Though the result's not what we would have liked, still it was an unbelievable effort from your end to make d final so very special!!!

We love you forever and will always be there for you!!

All the very best at Wimby!!


06/05/2011 | 09:06 PM
Roger is still the best player and by "Six" grand-slams over Nadal which is not a small number but I don't like the idea that Roger likes to play Nadal because he is his rival. Roger should think about it this way: The tennis court is his territory and Nadal is just an outsider. See Nadal: He is fighting as if its a live-or-die matter.
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