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French Open Final!

03.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger showed a brilliant display in the semi-final of the French Open today, ending Novak Djokovic's winning run with a 7-6,(5), 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(5) victory and setting up a meeting with Rafael Nadal in the final.

"I've trained a lot during my whole life for these kinds of matches," Roger said. "There was an enormous amount of pressure on Novak and he really played well."

Roger had an answer to just about everything Djokovic showed on court today, even though cumulating 46 unforced errors on the way, five more than his opponent. After taking the first set in a tiebreaker, Roger managed an early break in the second and brought home the set smoothly. Djokovic came back in the third set as Roger also committed too many errors. Just like the opening set, the fourth was a tough fight with breaks on both sides, ending in a tiebreaker. That proved another immensely tight fight, but Roger eventually rode home the victory with his 18th ace.

Our champ will now face Rafael Nadal on Sunday in the final of the 2011 French Open in what promises to be another classic duel between the two players. It is the fourth time in six years that the two meet in the Paris final.

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06/05/2011 | 09:05 PM
Dear Roger congrats for your excellent perfomance in Roland Garros !!!! You showed to everybody that you are strong, aggressive, fast and keep intact the quality of your tennis.
Go forward Champ, the tennis and your fans need you!!!
Halle is waiting for you. Come on !!!
06/05/2011 | 09:01 PM
Hey Champ, don't strain too much at Halle, just get some practice matches on grass. Rest well for Wimbledon. The way you didn't give up at 2-4 in the third set is a bit of psychological improvement against Nadal, especially at Roland Garros. That's a sign of rejuvenated Fed. Of course, the fourth set is a clear sign of 'no gas in tank' scenario, after 3 grueling sets. A rain after third would have helped. But overall a clear positive sign for the rest of the season. Can't wait for Wimbledon.
06/05/2011 | 09:00 PM
Dearest Roger!
You played suprime tennis and you totally deserve to win the tournament.
Thank you very much for the brilliant tennis, it was a pure joy to watch you playing! Just amazing!
Congratulations for a great tournament ! Thank you once again!

GOOD LUCK for Halle!

06/05/2011 | 08:59 PM
Between points aggression and getting the crowd into it with some animated movement and banter is something RF should do more often. Point to your wrist and show the umpire to indicate time wasting, hop around or talk to yourself (not like Murray tho),that's what Annacone should be saying!It will get RF more involved, pumped up.That is what is lacking with RF!
06/05/2011 | 08:58 PM
Dear Roger, all you need to do is to improve your backhand and nobody will be able to even THINK about beating you...
06/05/2011 | 08:55 PM
ALADWANI.I think Roger has to always play high risk tennis against RN on clay such as taking backhand on the rise up the line.Errors will come.The forehand and serve have to be ultra solid to compensate.Just a few bad choices in the match cost him and he will learn from them.Would have liked to see him run around a few more backhands and play an off-forehand.And to ask the umpire about time wasting.Make RN feel bad on court.Adopt the attitude of 'No more Mr Nice guy'.Annacone should suggest that
06/05/2011 | 08:54 PM
I cannot understand how a man who was beaten in four championship matches this year be given such a critical point during the first set when the adversary was on the verge of accepting defeat???????!!!!! This is absolutely ludicrous!!!!! anyways, until after you pay Nadal in kind, at least in one championship final, I'll accept you as the greatest tennis player ever but with a GAPING hole!
06/05/2011 | 08:51 PM
No shame in losing today, Roger. You are still up there with the best and can hold your head up high. You lost with your dignity intact and you continue to earn everyone's deepest respect. Great that you beat Nole in the semis and you will knock spots off them all at Wimbledon.

I tried to get tickets to see you in the Olympics - no luck. It would have been the high point of my tennis watching life! Onwards and upwards - Mirka and your girls are all that really matter.
06/05/2011 | 08:50 PM
i love you sooooooooooooooo much Roger, i can't & i won't stop loving you, you are my hero, thank you soooo much, keep going on, don't give-up, bonne chance at halle & Wimbledon, practice hard and you'll be there, love you for ever
06/05/2011 | 08:47 PM
How come you love Federer instead Nadal, although you are from Spania?
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