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French Open Final!

03.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger showed a brilliant display in the semi-final of the French Open today, ending Novak Djokovic's winning run with a 7-6,(5), 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(5) victory and setting up a meeting with Rafael Nadal in the final.

"I've trained a lot during my whole life for these kinds of matches," Roger said. "There was an enormous amount of pressure on Novak and he really played well."

Roger had an answer to just about everything Djokovic showed on court today, even though cumulating 46 unforced errors on the way, five more than his opponent. After taking the first set in a tiebreaker, Roger managed an early break in the second and brought home the set smoothly. Djokovic came back in the third set as Roger also committed too many errors. Just like the opening set, the fourth was a tough fight with breaks on both sides, ending in a tiebreaker. That proved another immensely tight fight, but Roger eventually rode home the victory with his 18th ace.

Our champ will now face Rafael Nadal on Sunday in the final of the 2011 French Open in what promises to be another classic duel between the two players. It is the fourth time in six years that the two meet in the Paris final.

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06/05/2011 | 08:45 PM
The rivalry cumes on Rafa's fav surface.And on HC which r slower.So thr Rafa has won 16 out of 19.Other surfaces after FO,fed is 5-1.Fed at this level.He can win mor thn 4 of 9 tournaments left this yr.See the prob was the BH of Fed.Whn Rafa is in trouble.He goes straight to Fed's BH.No way thn for Fed and Rafa is a wall,everythin cumes bak!
This wnt happen at wimby and Fed can win if he plays this well.Not much to complain abt Fed's gam.This is all he can do at anytim of his life!
06/05/2011 | 08:44 PM
I am so sad but always by your side Rotschi.
Keep going Champ and good luck for Halle next week!!
Tons of love from Madrid
06/05/2011 | 08:39 PM

06/05/2011 | 08:39 PM
dearest champ,

i am so grateful to live in the era of the beatles, barack obama, and roger federer. (and bob dylan) how about the way the fans embrace you? your elegance and fierceness are inspiring. i still say you can take the french from rafa - - you look younger and stronger than ever! thank you for continuing--you are brilliant!

06/05/2011 | 08:36 PM
SHIV08SPIDER: I think Paul should be there to change game-plans. Its his job, otherwise what's the point of being with Roger. Roger won against all other players when he was coaching himself. We really NEED a permanent change. I can't withstand Nadal anymore.
06/05/2011 | 08:35 PM
Yeah, lacking Hawk-eye cost Djokovic also the QF vs Melzer last year. It'd have been a different match had he reached the Semis instead of Melzer.

It's a problem for Fed because he plays aggressive and targets the lines very often. So a slight bad call could cost him a game, then a set and hence the match.
06/05/2011 | 08:34 PM
Roger must play Halle.He has to face most probably BERDYCH in finals,tht he can win in straights provided he plays this well.Hey guys,see the fact Roger has nvr defeated Rafa in FO evn whn he was at his best,thn hw expect him to win now.Rafa at his best and Roger 30yrs.3sets 7-5 7-6 5-7 frm Roger was exlent ovr 3hrs.After tht he was mentally and physically tired.Thts why he lost 4th set lik tht.Cuming tournaments are gona be on ultra fast surfaces compared to clay.
06/05/2011 | 08:34 PM
Great effort,Mr fight-till-your-arm-drops-off Federer.You didn't get the trophy today,but you Gave 2 wonderful weeks of rapturous Roger-tennis that was hiding for a while.Thank you for the magic,grace,beauty,fight.I hope you're not too disappointed;as you once said,tennis is a game of small margins.Ever forward,Roger.I surely am looking forward to more (green)grace from the Best player/person,and yes,I still Love you a Lot lot :D
The righteous man (continues to)walks in his integrity.(Proverbs)
06/05/2011 | 08:33 PM
ALADWANI. Part II - But there is a bigger picture to this tournament. Other players have sensed Nadal's vulnerability, they feel that they have a chance against him now (thanks to Djoker), Djoker is still hungry for no. 1 so he won't let up, Federer showed glimpses of his best and hopefully will find the consistency to back this up.Clay tournaments are done and now the likes of Berdych, Gasquet, Soderling,Murray.A tougher draw for RN will lead to his downfall.
06/05/2011 | 08:32 PM
now on the positive side, roger played great this entire tournament and got edged out in the final. if he can keep the form he is in now for the rest of 2011, he will have some wins. i hope big wins. he broke djoker's streak. he has got to think of that as positive. he got to a gs final, 1st since over a year. he has got to think of that as positive. so even though he lost, he has got to take the positves out of it and look to the rest of 2011. but, i really have had enough of this rivalry.
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