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French Open Final!

03.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger showed a brilliant display in the semi-final of the French Open today, ending Novak Djokovic's winning run with a 7-6,(5), 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(5) victory and setting up a meeting with Rafael Nadal in the final.

"I've trained a lot during my whole life for these kinds of matches," Roger said. "There was an enormous amount of pressure on Novak and he really played well."

Roger had an answer to just about everything Djokovic showed on court today, even though cumulating 46 unforced errors on the way, five more than his opponent. After taking the first set in a tiebreaker, Roger managed an early break in the second and brought home the set smoothly. Djokovic came back in the third set as Roger also committed too many errors. Just like the opening set, the fourth was a tough fight with breaks on both sides, ending in a tiebreaker. That proved another immensely tight fight, but Roger eventually rode home the victory with his 18th ace.

Our champ will now face Rafael Nadal on Sunday in the final of the 2011 French Open in what promises to be another classic duel between the two players. It is the fourth time in six years that the two meet in the Paris final.

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06/05/2011 | 08:23 PM
I'm sick of Rafa's gamemanship since he became a pro. Thanks Uncle Toni for teaching a kid to become a cheater, not a tennis player!!!! ugly strokes . . . ugly face, ugly, ugly, ugly . . .
06/05/2011 | 08:22 PM
good comment, I thought you will criticize Federer.
06/05/2011 | 08:20 PM
Of course I am still very said, just like you Roger, we could read it from your face, but you were gracefull as ever to accept the loss. But You need relly to keep the unforced errors low, and the serve must be more consitent, especially on the big points. You let Nadal to much to play his game. You got to play yours and not give in to Nadal or any other player. Just like did in semi's against the Djoker. Still an amzing two weeks, from my hero ! Go ROGER FOREVER !
06/05/2011 | 08:19 PM
SHIV08SPYDER: Its not about Roger's play overall. He is fantastic and can beat any player other than Nadal. But what's wrong with him playing Nadal. It is clear that Nadal studied Roger for years. Roger, on the other hand is playing "Naturally" without having a clear game-plan. This is not going to work. We want him to find a permanent solution to this problem.
06/05/2011 | 08:18 PM
It's time also for the French Federation to use the hawkeye, many times in this tournament, Roger's been robbed off points even early on in the tournament.
06/05/2011 | 08:18 PM
Thank you for your hard fought match today Roger. I think if you had not played such a fast and furious game with the Djoker you would have won today. It was noted by the commentators that the Djoker had pulled out of Queens to rest after such a game. It did not seem to occur to them that Roger was playing a second equally tough game, in his case his tired and heavy legs at the end was due to his age! So biased, I do not think Nole would have lasted out either against Rafa. Keep going Rog!
06/05/2011 | 08:18 PM
roger may have imperiled his own record by beating djoker in the SF. i really don't want to say that. but djoker does not have the same mental block against nadal. roger could have won this. he has the talent. it's just mental. djoker may have lost as well, but i think he would have had a better chance. hopefully at least getting to a final will help at W. i've had enough of this rivalry especially on clay. roger serves better, he should have at least won the tiebreaker. luv RF still (sigh).
06/05/2011 | 08:17 PM
Well, we have to admit that Rafa was a little better today but I´m happy that You could give or be such a good opponent today. Recently it´s been 6-2,6-3,6-3 to Rafa but now You´re having a process back and it was already now 7-5,7-6,5-7 and 6-1.

The last 6-1 was mostly because of Rafa´s little bit better skill and luck but you palyed absolutely better than 6-1 let think of..

Good luck for next tournament!!
06/05/2011 | 08:17 PM
I second 'ADI1008'. BROOKFED is filling this page with negativity. If you don't support him or wish to belittle him, deregister from this site. THIS IS THE PLACE FOR DIE HARD FANS WITH A POSITIVE OUTLOOK and you not one of them.
06/05/2011 | 08:16 PM
shiv08spyder, great Comment. I totally Agree. Roger is on the rise again !. Played some of his best tennis ever ! Beat the Djoker, the man who was unbeatable. Today in the Final Roger started great ! but wasn't consitent enough, though luck do. This is still a good thing, another GS finale played, more to come, build on confidence ! With wimbledon coming, Roger can reach seven titles, equaling Pete's seven Wimby's !, So would that not be a nice thought that Roger wins that one, plus the US open!