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French Open Final!

03.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger showed a brilliant display in the semi-final of the French Open today, ending Novak Djokovic's winning run with a 7-6,(5), 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(5) victory and setting up a meeting with Rafael Nadal in the final.

"I've trained a lot during my whole life for these kinds of matches," Roger said. "There was an enormous amount of pressure on Novak and he really played well."

Roger had an answer to just about everything Djokovic showed on court today, even though cumulating 46 unforced errors on the way, five more than his opponent. After taking the first set in a tiebreaker, Roger managed an early break in the second and brought home the set smoothly. Djokovic came back in the third set as Roger also committed too many errors. Just like the opening set, the fourth was a tough fight with breaks on both sides, ending in a tiebreaker. That proved another immensely tight fight, but Roger eventually rode home the victory with his 18th ace.

Our champ will now face Rafael Nadal on Sunday in the final of the 2011 French Open in what promises to be another classic duel between the two players. It is the fourth time in six years that the two meet in the Paris final.

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06/05/2011 | 08:16 PM
Good match Roger, although you lost, i like the way you fought to the end of the match, you were very close. You need to learn from the first set that you have to hold on to the match when you're ahead your opponent and not to give up the set that easily, you should also clear your mind and begin fresh after losing a set as there is always hope to win especially in a best of 5 match. I see that you're on the right track and have lots of chances for wimbledon.
Good luck for the Gerry Weber :):)
06/05/2011 | 08:14 PM
Roger, your team and your family.
Take care and good rest.
Good luck to next.
06/05/2011 | 08:14 PM
BROOKFED...please retire from this site!!
06/05/2011 | 08:12 PM
Your presence on the court is a gift that I am grateful to behold.
Roger, you simply make the game better, Rafa a better player, and
tennis, a sport of gentlemen. Thank you for everything you give to
the world of tennis.
Now, on to the grass and Wimbledon.
Game on.
Allez, Roger!
06/05/2011 | 08:11 PM
Well played in the net!!! I liked so much, but not so well about your concentration during all the match against Nadal. "It seems that you were afraid to win to Rafa". I believe that all tennis fans enjoy with your play, but if you want to beat Rafa you must be more ambitius, "Without fear to the failure", because the people who fail are the ones that do not try it.
Good luck for Wimbledom!!!!
And remember to smile :) when the things go not well on the court.
06/05/2011 | 08:11 PM
And we not 'disillussioned' fans. The French Open is not 'the be all and end all.' It is 1 of 4 GS so cut the negativity. Think of the 'big picture.' He reached a GS final after last three unsuccessful attempts, he beat Djoker, the man of the year so far, rejuvenated his energy for the game, he pushed Nadal for first three sets, better than in any previous attempts, so he lost, but is that gonna affect him. I think not! He is on the rise for sure!
06/05/2011 | 08:11 PM
Gerry Weber is a must win. I really think retirement is in order. Getting to a semi or a final is not enough. You are tarnishing your legacy. You will qualify for the seniors tour soon enough!!!!
06/05/2011 | 08:11 PM

u should get the best coach to prevent unforced errors. i'm crying a lot.. i can't stop... awww...

next time i hope u will win the gs...

all the best for wimbledon!!!!
06/05/2011 | 08:10 PM
I can't believe it from Roger fans. Are you guys still happy with the 8-17 head-to-head match record that Roger has against Nadal. I don't know if I'm gonna have a good sleep today. Roger, you can't let Nadal win like this every time you face him. Honestly, I really sick of today.
06/05/2011 | 08:08 PM
The very important points are the ones that roger has to work on to beat nadal and every other player!nadal is full of prohibited substances and his game is very annoying and dull!