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Roger defeated in final

05.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger was defeated 5-7, 6-7, 7-5 and 1-6 by Rafael Nadal in the final of the French Open today.


"It was an exceptional performance by Rafa. He's beaten me again. I'm sad but I am happy to play him," Roger said. "He is the best player on clay but I am proud of the way I have played over the last two weeks but I couldn't do enough against him. It was important to get into another grand slam final."

Roger started strong, breaking Nadal in the second game and taking a 5-2 lead. But it was just when Roger was serving for the set that Nadal found his rhythm and won the following five games to take the first set. The Spaniard continued to play almost without errors into the second set, but Roger managed to hold onto his service games and then break to level 4-4 - only to be broken again in return. Play was suspended for a few minutes due to rain - with Roger coming back onto the court to break Nadal and bring the set into a tie-break - which Roger unfortunately clearly lost.
Roger seemed to change his game in the third set and was at his best at 5-5 to go on and book the set onto his account. He continued well into the fourth set and had several break-points, but it was Nadal who made use of the chances he was given and left no doubt that he wanted the match to come to an end.

Roger will now open the grass court season this week at the tournament in Halle (GER).

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06/11/2011 | 04:15 PM
I know Roger can beat Rafa. He only needs to convert his opportunities. In the final he had him. Roger, come on you can do it.
All you need to do is to take it to him
06/11/2011 | 02:12 PM
you think Roger doesn't mind? Ofcourse he minds losing to Nadal, it's true he's sometimes a litle bit fragile to Nadal. Totally true. But he tries the best. Tennis is a mental sport, it ain't that easy to get over with. And if even you, a fan, has trouble congratulating Nadal for his victory, then try to understand what class you need to have to congratulate Nadal just after losing the final, as Roger did. So you'd better respect him for that, talking about respect for the sport
06/11/2011 | 07:02 AM
Hi TAWFIKAO!!Pls don't be sad,angry & underestimate our Roger...pls visit & be a member in website 'RuansFedererblog' & get to know about our federer there.same to all..thX:)
06/11/2011 | 02:37 AM

Yeah, I meant Roger will remain GOAT forever because of what he has done to tennis in general (apart from GS count). Nadal is in this discussion because of him being Roger's only weakness (i.e., high bouncing lefty top-spins to his one-handed backhand and also some other on-court gamesmanship).
06/10/2011 | 03:38 PM
I wish you are tired of counting he has beaten me again and again and again and your fans should go to hell and you will continue to count
why you were so solid against djoke and so fragile against nadal?
although nadal is much weaker
i feel that you are sponsor of nadal
you take care about him and always greeting him so, you will cellabrate him breaking your records
what you are playing for him

walk up man you are 29
06/10/2011 | 03:33 PM
it was a bad performance by rafa only you how see it is exceptional see your unforrced errors and you will know how deafetable is nadal and you are such a fragile players
1st set 5-2 and you serve for the set 5-7 what a weak player
2nd set tie break with 4 unforced by forehand out of 7 pionts
3rd set
4th 1-6
we are talking about a junior player with no consistancy
Nadal previals you in all serfeces and he will brak all your records in front of yout eyes with your help
06/10/2011 | 01:22 PM
after roger get AO 2010 16 slams and nadal was 6 now still roger 16 and nadal 10 with 66% success to nadal and 0% for federer
so, I believe federer is not that dangerous player in the GS anymore

he gave the match to nadal as gift without consistent fight
so thank you for make us bleeds
and it seems that you didn't have the desire any more just the gentleman that you are care about
I do not excepect from you any more in WB QF,SF,or runner up as usual
nadal got 7 out of 10 GS from Roger
06/10/2011 | 08:30 AM
@RamCharan Roger will be the greatest of all times at the end of the day regardless of his h2h record against Nadal. He is lefty, Roger has this difficulty to deal with. Nadal plays righties on a daily basis! Also the time is catching back on Nadal. He won his 10th GS at 25. Roger won his 10th title at 25+6 months. But Nadal didn't get yet throught the toughest part : winning toward the end of his career vs the young generation, with his game type and serve weakness it's unlikely to happen.
06/10/2011 | 03:02 AM
Fed achieved Greatness by raising tennis to a never-seen-before level (2004-present). He set a high standard (evident from the achievements on different surfaces). Nadal is in the process of claiming Greatness by constantly defeating the Greatest Of All Time and becoming his only weakness. But IMO, the former is genuine and unique.
06/09/2011 | 09:47 PM
And all of you who disagree with me are wrong ^^ Life is more than a career, look at the person he has become. He's an example for everybody, and not only becauze of his perfect technique. He's a happy man, and that makes me happy. Life is more than a few numbers! So far for my 'philosophical' input :p It is through though. Hope you read this Roger, cauze my opinion is always one of the best! haha :D
Take care Rog
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