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Roger defeated in final

05.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger was defeated 5-7, 6-7, 7-5 and 1-6 by Rafael Nadal in the final of the French Open today.


"It was an exceptional performance by Rafa. He's beaten me again. I'm sad but I am happy to play him," Roger said. "He is the best player on clay but I am proud of the way I have played over the last two weeks but I couldn't do enough against him. It was important to get into another grand slam final."

Roger started strong, breaking Nadal in the second game and taking a 5-2 lead. But it was just when Roger was serving for the set that Nadal found his rhythm and won the following five games to take the first set. The Spaniard continued to play almost without errors into the second set, but Roger managed to hold onto his service games and then break to level 4-4 - only to be broken again in return. Play was suspended for a few minutes due to rain - with Roger coming back onto the court to break Nadal and bring the set into a tie-break - which Roger unfortunately clearly lost.
Roger seemed to change his game in the third set and was at his best at 5-5 to go on and book the set onto his account. He continued well into the fourth set and had several break-points, but it was Nadal who made use of the chances he was given and left no doubt that he wanted the match to come to an end.

Roger will now open the grass court season this week at the tournament in Halle (GER).

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06/07/2011 | 07:41 PM
♥ You are THE BEST... ALLWAYS ♥
06/07/2011 | 06:30 PM
بالتوفيق ياكبير .. ياملك الله معك
06/07/2011 | 06:24 PM
Don't be afraid of losing to Rafa. You're a different type of player. You're the only one who's still able to fight the youth with tennis from another generation. Rafa has always been a though oponent for you, but the ones with the thoughest oponents, who have the fight trying to win again and again, are the biggest champs ever. You just keep fighting him. You're by far the most talented player ever seen, and nobody defeats (or ever will) you in that.. Good luck on the grass!
06/07/2011 | 06:10 PM
Do I even have to say that no matter what the result is...you always seem to find a way to cheer us up!And this time it was through your unbelievable win over Djokovic...!:D You were brilliant throughout the tournament...!Though I know it does hurt to lose in such a stage when you have fairly equal chance to win the title!It's alright Rog! :)Hope you won't let this bother you much!Because we have got lots to do in coming months!Good Luck in Wimby!
With lots of lots of love and prayers,
06/07/2011 | 05:48 PM
Haaj Roger,

Congrats for your result, you still manage to beat up all your oponents. Only Rafa was too strong. You were very close though. Unfortunately you lost the first set, even though you should've won the first one. And who knows what happens then. But it's always easy to speak afterwards. Anyhow, you really put him under pressure on his underground, splendid.
06/07/2011 | 05:35 PM
all the best roger and hope u get well soon. happy practicing for wimbledon. cant wait to see u in action again. take care champ.
06/07/2011 | 05:33 PM
u have nothing to lose rog, u must try new things. u have persevered with the same physique and equipment in the last 6 yrs against Nadal, and has it helped? no. ur not any closer to beating him. and its such a shame, because its obvious that u have much more talent and skill, and if only u had the strength in your arms and legs and racquet, u could have been leading this h2h 17-8. if u dont bring these changes soon, i dont expect u to beat nadal in a slam anytime soon, nor djoko or delpo.
06/07/2011 | 05:30 PM
i bet if u had nadal's or murray's or berdych's phsyique, ud be serving harder, ur fh will have more bite, ur shots on the run off both wings will have more venom, and u wont tire against nadals topspin. bigger arms would also mean ud return nadal's topspin better off ur high bh. and then u add the latest bigframe racquet, the juiciest strings and learn to play with them. u might waste 6 mnths learning to adapt to all this, but once u settle in, ud beat nadal on clay everytime, and be back at 1.
06/07/2011 | 05:26 PM
its still not too late. the way u played in the semi, u have a good 2-3 yrs left at the top. make the most of it rogie. u have played with same physique, racquet, etc for over 10 yrs. time for a change. i want to see u build up muscle. i want to see bulkier legs, ripped arms, big shoulders. i want to see six pack abs. these are essential requirements in the modern game! ur so wiry and skinny, nadal just tires u out by the fourth hour. 6-1 4th set here, 6-2 5th set in AO 09..
06/07/2011 | 05:23 PM
I said two years ago after u lost the AO final to Nadal: u need to beef up and adapt overall to the new power game, which means new bigger racquet, strings, etc. but u are still skinny as before, playing with same equipment. I know its kinda late in ur career, but its the only way to compete with Nadal and Djko. U have to move with the times. These guys overpower u from the baseline, milking ur bh for errors. u need to counteract by strengthening ur whole body.