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Roger defeated in final

05.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger was defeated 5-7, 6-7, 7-5 and 1-6 by Rafael Nadal in the final of the French Open today.


"It was an exceptional performance by Rafa. He's beaten me again. I'm sad but I am happy to play him," Roger said. "He is the best player on clay but I am proud of the way I have played over the last two weeks but I couldn't do enough against him. It was important to get into another grand slam final."

Roger started strong, breaking Nadal in the second game and taking a 5-2 lead. But it was just when Roger was serving for the set that Nadal found his rhythm and won the following five games to take the first set. The Spaniard continued to play almost without errors into the second set, but Roger managed to hold onto his service games and then break to level 4-4 - only to be broken again in return. Play was suspended for a few minutes due to rain - with Roger coming back onto the court to break Nadal and bring the set into a tie-break - which Roger unfortunately clearly lost.
Roger seemed to change his game in the third set and was at his best at 5-5 to go on and book the set onto his account. He continued well into the fourth set and had several break-points, but it was Nadal who made use of the chances he was given and left no doubt that he wanted the match to come to an end.

Roger will now open the grass court season this week at the tournament in Halle (GER).

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06/07/2011 | 04:55 PM
Hey Roger, firstly congrats for a great tournament. You made my day taking out Djokovic. Please darlyn you need to toughen up against Nadal. Forget about being nice or friendly when you are on the court. The guy doesn't share the same sentiments and will take every advantage. Even his uncle is saying your mentality is not the best against Nadal. You are so much more talented and you can beat Nadal handily. Just consider him as any other random player. Go get them at wimbledon. You are the boss.
06/07/2011 | 04:16 PM
Dear Roger
I'm very happy to see you in final.You did it best!Don't worry.Roland Garros isn't your but Wimberdon is your.Take care.I love you.
06/07/2011 | 02:57 PM
PART II... but in tennis, a complicated tough sport, the outcome is simple, one wins and one looses and today Nadal won, deserved, and you lost with honor. An amazing achievement to have such records of finals and semi finals in history of grand slams, so much incredible hard work that goes behind it.
I hope your groin problem will be over by Wimbledon so we can enjoy watch you play and I believe you have all the chances to win this tournament again!! All the best from Merida Yucatan Mexico
06/07/2011 | 02:53 PM
Dear Roger, first of all congratulations on a great tournament, you reached the final, you played fantastic but at the end of the day Rafa proved he is the best clay player ever. I do not think you lost, I think Nadal won. He made so few errors and he got everything back. At times you were playing so brilliantly and than somehow he still got the ball back in play "the labrador player doing what he does best". I will always prefer your style of tennis and had hoped you would win but END OF PART I
06/07/2011 | 02:37 PM
I also noted that Nadal do not have to serve an ace and can earn a free point (due to heavy spin?). On the contrary, even a successful first serve by Roger may very often be returned by Nadal without losing his position....
Are the above together the so called formular used by Nadal to play with Roger?
06/07/2011 | 02:28 PM
I share exactly the same feeling with ROGERPN on the break points faced by Roger and Nadal. Nadal and Tony know it! The most powerful weapons of Roger are his serve and forehand. What Nadal did is to stand/defend at a few steps behind the baseline to neutralise them. If the first serve was not functioning (which was not too uncommon in critical situation), Roger simply does not have a lot advantages with that game.
(to cont'd)
06/07/2011 | 02:15 PM
I want see you beat Nadal one time in Roland Garros!
06/07/2011 | 01:56 PM
Roger, dear...We can only wonder what the outcome would have been had you taken the first set! But that's history! I was so very proud of the way you played, Roger. You have given your fans so much joy, and the French Open was an amazing tournament full of your beautiful tennis and your classic style. Wimbledon awaits you! Love from your #1 fan in Vermont, the Switzerland of the USA...Marilyn XOXOXOX
06/07/2011 | 01:53 PM
the best and no one can beat him. No nerves or anxiety when havin break chance, play as it is another point, and will see him up again.

Hope for WB those lapsus doesn't occur and Roger lift the trophy. Again. Best wishes!!!!!!
06/07/2011 | 01:52 PM
would be ideal, because by now the only problem i see is that lost in confidence and faith at key moments. Look at Nole, he wasn't right mentally, went to a sport psyco and now he truly belives he can win everyone. That's what Roger need. If he does believe and have confidence nobody can stop him. But he can't lose matches that he should have won, as it has happened so usually the last months. The only thing that is missing to see the old Roger Federer is that faith, that confidence that he is