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5-times Halle Champion pulls |out

06.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Dear Fans

I've unfortunately decided to pull out of The Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany. I am very disappointed as its one of my absolute favorite tournaments on the ATP Tour, but my body, especially my groin, really needs a rest. After talking with my team this morning, I feel that its way to risky to take a chance on aggravating it even more before Wimbledon.
I send my very best wishes to all my fans in Halle, and again I am so sorry I can't go this year. But I will see you next year.


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06/13/2011 | 10:51 AM
THAT s good ROger.Wimbledon is the next step.You must be the winner.You need to jump on te atp list with the points.
06/13/2011 | 10:22 AM
Hey Rogrholics... do u know whether Roger is seeded 3rd or 2nd in wimby
06/13/2011 | 07:00 AM
Nadal plays great tennis but he is full of crap when it comes to injuries. His coach uncle Toni is full of crap too. He is always talking to Nadal through the matches. What bothers me is that no one brings these issues up! You think Nadal would have taken that fake injury time out if he was up 5-2 in the first set?!!! I don't think so.!
06/13/2011 | 05:17 AM
Hi Roger.
I know that you have tried your best and get good result at Roland garros, although it is not best result but I think it's enough. Now you need alot of time to have a rest to recover your health.
What you demonstrated is great.
You can overloook (bypass) this Wimbledon and see you US open, before Us open, you can take part in some ATP 1000 or 500, the heavy schedule is not your choice.
Good luck to you.
06/13/2011 | 04:59 AM
Dear Roger:
I suffer and I enjoy with you ,you are an inspiration and feel that Wimbledon it yours this year ,good luck, you deserve all the best
06/13/2011 | 04:15 AM
hey roger. am ur biggest fan. cant say in words but intensely follwing u mentally in tennis. so just try and send me a reply message on my email as i dream of it.thanks
06/13/2011 | 02:03 AM
roger,please,take your time,recover,and come back to Wimbledon healthy.
06/13/2011 | 02:03 AM
We want the final : the trophy. Oh how i wish you tell me '' I WILL ''. I know you never read or answer these posts, you would have done it even for once. But, anyway, this time you have to be rigid from the start.
06/13/2011 | 02:01 AM

Either Nadal fakes injuries or highlights little little things that every player carry to the tournaments all the time. One such funny incident is he complained of a tooth/gum pain before the Miami tournament last year. Roger never mentions any such things. For that matter not many players does that. He did it just once for back/leg injury (last year Wimbledon after losing to Berdych) and received media bashing as ungracious loser. But Nadal is an exception to the media (not sure why).
06/13/2011 | 01:55 AM
I was very happy when Roger has finalized his match with Djokovic and then raised his arm with his index pointing upward. I think he meant '' i'm still number 1''. A gush of happiness flooded my heart. It was Roger who let the game with Nadal slip from in between his fingers. Whatever happened, he can wjn Wimbledon if he keeps it clear in his mind that Nadal is no good than Djokovic. I assure you, guys, that Nadal may not even reach semifinals. We dont want from federer semifinal solution.