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5-times Halle Champion pulls |out

06.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Dear Fans

I've unfortunately decided to pull out of The Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany. I am very disappointed as its one of my absolute favorite tournaments on the ATP Tour, but my body, especially my groin, really needs a rest. After talking with my team this morning, I feel that its way to risky to take a chance on aggravating it even more before Wimbledon.
I send my very best wishes to all my fans in Halle, and again I am so sorry I can't go this year. But I will see you next year.


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06/13/2011 | 12:46 AM
Rafa is a good friend of Roger. I am sure that being a champion he would not fake any injury. YEs, Fed lost the finals, but it was just because of few critical points. In my opinion he could have easily won the match. ANyway, that was god's wish!!!.
MY best wishes for roger to win the wimbledon. Champions rise when people write them off. MY advice, would be not to go too much with drop shots against the top 2 players.
06/13/2011 | 12:18 AM
Hope you are getting lots of rest up before Wimbledon.
Nadal lost at Queen's= wherre is the criticism of his loss to Tsonga? why is it that they only make a fuss when Roger loses? It is so unjust and boring. Anyway, enough of that.
P.s. has anyone else had trouble with this website. I have not been able to load it for three days!!!
06/12/2011 | 11:44 PM
Wimbledon is only for you!!!! Come on!!!!!
06/12/2011 | 11:13 PM
I am angry of watching people trying to compare fed with nadal. nadal has a winning reccord against fed just because he is lefty and he is baseline players like others. it makes him take advantage of fed one handed backhand that is a very good backhand. nadal take advantage of it, because he can control fed one hB with his forhand. If he were a righty like others , it would have already lost to fed multiple time.
06/12/2011 | 11:07 PM
these guys have a lot of tricks. Before the match, his opponents have to wait a long time for him to get out of the locker room, which make them irrited. besides that he has to take a long time to place his 3 bottles and sucks his stuff from before getting to the court. It is very ennoying, I would not have enough patient for all this stuff. they say he is humble, we have to understand that, because when your limited, you need to manage yourself to avoid questions.
06/12/2011 | 09:40 PM

Everyone knows (even some commentators) it's a fake excuse. He was saying he didn't want to put any excuse and at the same time mentioning he couldn't play well due to injury. He started the drama right after the first game and creating unnecessary delays to the match and making Ferrer's life miserable on court. It's becoming a habit for him that past couple of years. Hope somebody puts an end to his deeds.
06/12/2011 | 08:26 PM
I do not beleive in anything nadal says. I remember in australia, nadal said he was injured, but I am telling you if ferrer did not play aggressive tennis nadal would win that, because while he was faking injury, he was diving after every single ball. he said he was injured to take ferrer attention out of the match. In the press room they ask where your injury is at, he answered i do not know. What happen, i do not know. These guys got tricks.
06/12/2011 | 07:00 PM
Hi Roger,

That's a samrt decision! Take care of it before it turns into something more serious.
Best of luck at Wimbledon.
06/12/2011 | 04:21 PM
Take care of groin, need you totally fit for Wibledon in 2 weeks. Best Wishes
06/12/2011 | 12:19 PM
Dear Roger! wishing you health,fitness ant best of luck for the tournament ahead i,e. Wimbledon.All the best.