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Wimbledon: the draw

17.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

The draw for Wimbledon is out! Roger will start against Mikhail Kukushkin (ATP 60) from Kazakhstan, against whom he has never played before. In the second round, he could take on France's Adrian Mannarino (ATP 53) or a qualifier. After that David Nalbandian (ATP 24) could be up. Both players have not played against Roger since 2008. In the next round, our champ could meet Nicolas Almagro (ATP 15) or Mikhail Youzhny (ATP 17). In the quarterfinals, a meeting with David Ferrer (6 ATP) is possible.


In the semifinals, our six-time Wimbledon champion could again face Novak Djokovic (ATP 2). They just met in Paris when Roger ended Djokovic's winning streak of 41 wins in series. 

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06/21/2011 | 09:54 AM
Dear Roger
You are a happy man if you don't read remarks of some ''fans'' of yours!! I can't understand such people. We are here to say what we think but not to give any prognosis! Roger, Wimbledon starts today for You and for all of us who love you, support you and always cheer for you!
I hope you are fit enough and eager to play and win this Wimby! I wish you good health and much selfconfidence. You are the best!
I wish you all the best and good luck dearest Roger!
Go, Roger, go!
06/21/2011 | 08:35 AM
All the best...will alys be rooting and cheering for your win...
06/21/2011 | 07:08 AM
I said this in 2009, and later in 2010. I will say it again now in 2011, before Wimbledon starts.

Roger will:
1. Win 20 or more GSs before he retires.
2. Win the 2012 Olympics Men's Singles Gold Medal.
3. Play in the 2016 Brazil Olympics.
4. Tie Sampras' No. of Wimbledon Singles Championships.
5. And then set his own Greatest No.of Wimbledon Singles Championships
6. Become World No.1 again.

After he retires, the other grea Tennis Legends wii call him the GOAT.

06/21/2011 | 07:01 AM
good luck on your first match! I'll be praying for your luck!
06/21/2011 | 06:59 AM
All the best for your first match, sure you will be beating Nadal in the final.COME ON ROGER, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
06/21/2011 | 05:53 AM
06/21/2011 | 05:34 AM
KARTHIKOO1-Get your facts straight. Roger wilnot be playing Rafa at Wimbledon. Please don't make ugly remarks on this site. It shows you are not very smart.When you are as good as Roger is you might be able to complain but sinde you are not even half as good, forget it.
06/21/2011 | 05:11 AM
Hello Roger ...the camapaign starts in less than 24 hours. Please remember this: DO NOT make it to the final. We don't want to see you lose to Rafa again. Also, it is not going to help your legacy -- h2h is going to get worse, Rafa will #12, etc. So please lose early and take a nice vacation.

BTW, is it arrogancy not to change tactics or laziness to figure out new ways or something pyschological that is behind your poor showing against Rafa?
06/21/2011 | 04:50 AM
wish you all the best, Dear Roger
Be at your best, be yourself
Break another record
Hold another trophy

but please do not give yourself a hard time
just play like yourself, focus and determine

i will always support you
06/21/2011 | 04:41 AM
http://www.atpworldtour.com/News/Tennis/2011/06/25/Shark-Bites-Wimbledon-Analysis.aspx --> "Federer can’t catch Djokovic but if the Swiss wins the title AND Nadal loses before the final, Federer would pass Nadal. The No. 1 position in the South African Airways 2011 ATP Rankings is up for grabs for the second straight Grand Slam tournament." A LOT'S RIDIN' ON THIS GS, CHAMP~!

C'monnn, let's do it for your sweeet 17th GS here since u're the KING OF GRASS, m'kaayyy???
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