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Wimbledon: the draw

17.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

The draw for Wimbledon is out! Roger will start against Mikhail Kukushkin (ATP 60) from Kazakhstan, against whom he has never played before. In the second round, he could take on France's Adrian Mannarino (ATP 53) or a qualifier. After that David Nalbandian (ATP 24) could be up. Both players have not played against Roger since 2008. In the next round, our champ could meet Nicolas Almagro (ATP 15) or Mikhail Youzhny (ATP 17). In the quarterfinals, a meeting with David Ferrer (6 ATP) is possible.


In the semifinals, our six-time Wimbledon champion could again face Novak Djokovic (ATP 2). They just met in Paris when Roger ended Djokovic's winning streak of 41 wins in series. 

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06/20/2011 | 11:03 PM
i wonder how good Mikhail will play with Roger?????????
06/20/2011 | 11:02 PM
Furthermore, this recent loss 2 RN @ his best clay surface wuz NOT so demoralizing...even tho' Roger played SUPERB against Djoker, he came up SHORT against RN 'cuz he did NOT take it 2 him, esp. in relinquishin' the lead in that 1st important set~! ROGER HAS 2 STOP GIFT-GIVING BY PLAYING SMARTER NOW THAT HE'S OLDER, i.e. HE GOTTA PLAY UP 2 HIS OWN STRENGTH BY KEEPIN THE BALL AWAY FROM RN, by NOT hittin' it right back 2 his strike zone!

Agassi did it in his 30s, so can Roger, if he wants it!!
06/20/2011 | 10:58 PM
yes, seeing Roger loses HURTS no matter how u slice-n-dice it--used 2b against RN--but now, it's virtually everyone in the Top 5, if u ask me~!

we ALL know (& sense~!) that Roger's approachin' 30 in August & his imminent best days are slowly in passing as well...WE GOTTA BE THANKFUL 4 HIS FEDERER MOMENTS 2 COME 'CUZ THESE ARE HIS GOLDEN PLAYIN' DAYS!

Hard-n-agonizing losses 2 RN & upsets from RSOD/T-BERD/DJOKER are ALL terrible 2 handle, but I'd rather be rootin' 4 Roger than anyone else!!
06/20/2011 | 10:30 PM
What do you mean by WE need to analyze things and find a solution? Who is WE and why and for whom do you need to find a solution for what? Why don't you let things be and leave the tennis to Roger? If he wins he wins and if he loses he loses. That's the way it is. If you just learn to accept that you will have an easier life. No chance that what you do or think will have any effect on what happens at Wimbledon. Just watch and enjoy or don't watch and be happy.
06/20/2011 | 10:16 PM
personally, i would like to see fed loses against a #1000 player , but not against nadal.
06/20/2011 | 10:15 PM
Roger, many guys say that your chance in the GS tournaments is that Nadal to lose at other players. I would say that in this moment Nadal's chance is that Djokovic to lose at other players. This happen at RG and Nadal beaten you. Since 2007 you didn't beat Nadal in the GS finals. Could you beat him this year in the Wimbledon final? Please don't think at it. Always the most important thing is the next match. So good luck Roger!
06/20/2011 | 10:14 PM
why does roger has 5-2 lead and loses the set 7-5 at the FO.
why roger dominates nadal in madrid and end up losing in 3 sets.
why roger dominates nadal in madrid 2009 and end up losing in 3 set.
all of these explain the fact nadal has the emntal edge.
why davydenko has a maybe 17-1 losing record against roger and have a 6-4 winning reccord against nadal. It explain nadal lefty advantage that make get to fed BH with his forhand.
nadal BH and FH are good. Fed Bh is good but not that good.
06/20/2011 | 10:08 PM
hi i live in NY!!! I want to know at what time roger is going to play???
06/20/2011 | 10:07 PM
negative comments!
we need to analyse things to find solution.
when fed loses to nadal, I personally feel some energy drain out of me. It hurts and it is hard for me to accept. Then, i start analyzing to find out what's wrong. I found that roger loses to nadal because:
1. nadal is a lefty and a good player
2. nadal is a complete player
3. nadal has the mental edge.
when i say nadal is a complete player, I mean he gets the right tool to hurt roger. Roger is the most gifted player I can say.
06/20/2011 | 09:01 PM
After the great performance in Paris, it's time to return to the grass. You've reached an unbelievable success on the surface, and this time, after the tough loss in last year's edition, and being full of confidence, can be the perfect chance to claim for the championship. I wish you all the best for this two weeks, and I hope to see the best of you again. I look forward to seeing you fly over a green carpet.

Come on, Roger. Always with you!