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Roger did a good job

20.06.2011 | Off Court, Starseite 3

For Credit Suisse’s new Swiss advertisement campaign, Roger tried his hand successfully at acting. Watch the spot here or the making of here.

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07/10/2011 | 07:11 PM
love you
07/08/2011 | 04:28 PM
I love you!!!!
07/08/2011 | 12:05 PM
HOT!! Roger's always been one of the two best-looking guys on tour, but every year it seems to get more so... if only I could make him English (and maybe a bit fatter?), he'd be absolutely perfect;)
07/06/2011 | 04:47 AM
Roger. You should have won against Tsonga and I'm sure you would have made it to the final, pass Novak as you did at Rolland Garros. I'm surprised and disappointed. But you are still and will always be the best. losses are just as important as wins. You are forced to relinquish some ego, you pick yourself up, and then you come back. Your lasting inspiration for tennis will last eons. Love you and can't wait to see you win US Open. PS stick to each point like a leach-as you used to do.
07/04/2011 | 07:16 AM
whatever they say, you're still one of the best ever, I'm glad Nadal did not win Wimbledon, Djokovic deserved it .. Tsonga before you could not win but losing is also .. U.S. Open awaits you! and all who trust in you know you got away with your best tennis! luck and do not faint!
07/01/2011 | 11:24 PM
congratulations for your beautiful daughters and I always been your fan etab playing very well and did not think you would lose in the quarterfinals but like you're the best player and you can again become the world number one

06/30/2011 | 04:01 PM
I don`t agree, to my you look very handsome

I love youuuuuuuuuuu
06/30/2011 | 06:08 AM
The commercial is great but the picture ad does not do Roger justice. That is probably the worst pic I have ever seen of him on an advertisement. But still think he is the best!
06/29/2011 | 07:04 PM
I too am so sorry you did not quite make it at Wimbledon, you got close though, well done, you were doing so well and will continue to do so for as long as you wish. As long as you are enjoying the game, keeping fit, loving your wife and family, that is all that counts. You are an amazing ambassador for the world of tennis, so proud of you as your Mum and Dad must be, keep your feet on the ground Roger.
06/29/2011 | 05:48 PM
I am sorry that you lost today, your way to the quarterfinal looked so incredible good. Put this years Wimbledon behind you, and take some rest with your beautiful family - and please keep up the good work; what will the world tennis be without you. Love you, Rog.
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