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A perfect performance

23.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger did not have to work too hard today, defeating Adrian Mannarino 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 in 88 minutes to move on to round three.

"I've played on centre court for 10 straight years and it was really enjoyable, as usual, to be back there. I thought conditions were fantastic from start to finish. It was really perfect," Roger said. "It took me some time to get used to him, but I thought I played really, really well."

Roger's serve worked very well again today. He secured a break upon the first opportunity given in all three sets with Mannarino needing quite some time to score his first points on Roger's serve. All in all, it was an excellent display by our champ today under the roof in Wimbledon.

Roger will now meet 2002 Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian on Saturday.

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06/25/2011 | 04:10 AM
Why are Sports Journalists so hot about Nadal and so protective of him, guys, I'm clueless either - He is the Mr. Medical Time Out in Tennis!!!! I think he has more timeouts than anyone combined in men's/women's. He is not what he claims to be. Watch his moves when a player is ahead of him or about to break his service game, he'll do something to disrupt his opponent's rhythm, beautifully coached by Uncle Toni!
06/25/2011 | 03:42 AM
CONGRATULATIONS on your GREAT II round match and GOOD LUCK against Nalbandian, Roger! You CAN DO IT!!! Just DO IT!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/25/2011 | 03:16 AM
It does not take a genius to see all the dirty tricks that Rafa pulls. One of these days this is going to backfire on him and I hope it is when he is playing Roger. I like Rafa as a person but as a player I am ashamed of his cheating. I am sure Roger knows all this too but Roger is a champ who would never think of cheating to win. GO ROGER, you are the best of the best.
06/25/2011 | 01:38 AM
Hey Champ, you know what to do tomorrow. Focus and excel. That's just what you need at Wimbledon no matter who the opponent is.
06/25/2011 | 01:35 AM

LOL, not many players can do that... Soderling had the guts to mimic Nadal pulling his shots. That was a perfect scenario of players getting irked by Nadal's delaying tactics. Also in the 2011 FO final, in the 1st game of 4th set at 30-40 Nadal was ready to serve and after few seconds he again asked for more balls which is clearly an act to disrupt the opponent.
Anyway Nadal is already preparing grounds for yet another injury excuse (seeing the rough road ahead). Be ready fellas
06/24/2011 | 11:55 PM
Mannarino didn't really challenge Roger enough. Yet, Roger did a very good job at keeping his focus and the level of his tennis sky-high. Nalbandian will be a tougher test; Roger will have to step it up, and I am sure he will. Wish so much to see him play in week 2 at SW19.
06/24/2011 | 11:34 PM
1-Excellent Roger!

My love your game is dazzling! I loved the triple match point and that beautiful smash at the end. You were all about precision, speed, consistency, all played at a very high level.

The Centre court indoors looks gorgeous and the acoustics are great, it sounds amazing.
06/24/2011 | 11:32 PM
2-And the little details of your outfit are dark green right not black, anyway I love it; you look wonderful you are the most handsome man in the World.

Best wishes against Nalbandian! Go for it!

Take care and have fun.

I love you so much…

:D xoxo
06/24/2011 | 11:13 PM
Dear Roger,
Good luck against Nalbandian tomorrow. Play like you did against Mannarino and you will win in straight sets. You were superb, and will be tomorrow, I am sure! xxx
06/24/2011 | 10:07 PM
Did anyone notice how long Nadal took to serve at 7-6 up in the tie break. He made Muller wait and wait and wait and then Muller miss-hit the return. This after Muller served the double fault. So again....Nadal is up to his cheating ways.....if I was on court I would have done a McEnroe....Stop play and ask the umpire.....'Are you serious, he can't take this long' Get into Nadal's psyche. Make him feel embarrassed.
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