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Roger stunned by Tsonga

29.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was upset by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the quarterfinals in Wimbledon today: 6-3, 7-6(3), 4-6, 4-6, 4-6.

“I think my game was plenty good enough this year to win the tournament, but unfortunately there’s only one who can win it, and the rest go home empty-handed,” Roger said. “That’s what happened to me today, but Jo played an amazing match.”

Roger started well, converting a break point in Tsonga's first service game and held the lead to take the set. He held in the second which he finally won in the tie-break.
But Tsonga broke our champ in the third set and went on to do so in sets four and five - to eventually end Roger's quest for a seventh Wimbledon crown.

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07/08/2011 | 06:38 AM

Yes - lovely.

And yes, dear Webmasters, I think it's time for Davis Cup - Rog's preparations, the match roster, is Rog playing doubles?.... & so on.

Thank you.

07/08/2011 | 05:40 AM
Hello Roger !
Thank you for the pleasure you're giving to all of us on court.
No question about it,there is only one guy at the top and you are the one. Keep the faith, you are on the right track. You will shine brighter very soon.
All the best for the Davis Cup. God bless you and guide you to victory.
You will always be my top man, always. Love you.
marie in mtl
07/08/2011 | 04:52 AM
Webfolks, it is the date of the Davis Cup. Why don't we have more info instead of still looking like we are still in Wimbledon?! We are eager to know what/who Roger is prepping for, when he'll play.
07/08/2011 | 03:28 AM
Thank you --I agree with your comment.

As Joke says a 'beautiful' article--thank you.
Interesting I have,over many years also observed and thought "how elegant is this man when he is removing & unwrapping a new tennis racquet"

Another point, watch him returning a ball to a ball girl/boy--he usually[99% of the time] hits it their feet saving them energy of having to chase it!
Always thoughtful.Roger is certainly one in a million.
07/08/2011 | 02:46 AM
Thank you for that beautiful article, *Fedelegant*. It expresses the admiration we all have and lthe ove we all feel for Roger.
07/08/2011 | 02:11 AM
awkward moments with Federer. He looks graceful removing and unwrapping a new tennis racquet."

That was a quote from that beautiful article.
07/08/2011 | 02:08 AM

For many (including my wife and I), men's tennis rises and sets with Roger Federer, the closest thing to athletic art imaginable. If you entered the Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay or the Prado and inside stood a marble sculpture of Federer in tennis whites flicking a backhand, stinging an inside out forehand or leaning forward ready to serve, it would hardly seem out of place. There are few aw
07/08/2011 | 01:09 AM
Hello Roger - You played your beautiful game as always and I enjoyed every part of it. Tsonga had one of those magical moments and it was high quality tennis. I love watching your movement, your intelligence on the court and your grace. YOU ARE A GIFT FROM THE GODS - I think that is the definition of "grace". I have been watching your early play via videos online and it is such a gift to see your extraordinary talent. As with many others I feel privileged to have lived during your career!
07/07/2011 | 11:09 PM
well said@YUKIMI
I am a true fan of Roger like YUKIMI and I believe Roger will be No. 1 again
07/07/2011 | 10:00 PM
Dear***Jennico**same page
Part of the reason why I want Rog to be No. 1 again is:
1. He himself said he WANTS to be No. 1 again, and
2. I KNOW he has it in him to be reclaim No. 1, and
3. It keeps himgoing - it is one of his principle motivations.

I read all his Press Con+Interviews I can find.His intelligence & passion keep him motivated after losses shattering to us!
If he thought as some fans(I understand their sadness), he would quit tomorrow, but he doesn't and stays on target.
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