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Roger stunned by Tsonga

29.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was upset by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the quarterfinals in Wimbledon today: 6-3, 7-6(3), 4-6, 4-6, 4-6.

“I think my game was plenty good enough this year to win the tournament, but unfortunately there’s only one who can win it, and the rest go home empty-handed,” Roger said. “That’s what happened to me today, but Jo played an amazing match.”

Roger started well, converting a break point in Tsonga's first service game and held the lead to take the set. He held in the second which he finally won in the tie-break.
But Tsonga broke our champ in the third set and went on to do so in sets four and five - to eventually end Roger's quest for a seventh Wimbledon crown.

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07/05/2011 | 06:10 PM
Compare RF and RF's interviews after losing in Wimbledon:

RF: Well, when one player beat you five times is because today my game don't bother him a lot. Today probably against me he's playing better than my level. And find solutions, that's what I have to try and that's what I gonna try.
07/05/2011 | 06:06 PM
**Brookfed16** and **Boting**
When Roger lost in the Wimbledon final in 2008 Borg said he would retire. Borg simply assumes that Roger will react in the way that he himself did. What he or Mrs Djokovic or anyone else says is entirely trivial and irrelevant. They are really just talking about themselves. And I certainly don't think Roger should retire and play the seniors. Why on earth should he?
07/05/2011 | 05:55 PM
Yes would be great joining the the l e g e n d tour so he can play Wimbledon
against Becker, Cash, etc...
07/05/2011 | 05:53 PM
I hope so, rather to see him go out with dignity. He can join the senior tour if he still needs to play.
07/05/2011 | 05:47 PM

Keep your breath according to Borg Federer will retire next year if he cannot
win one major.
07/05/2011 | 05:42 PM
Unfortunately it is the Nadal - Djoker era now. Federer loses to below par players. He plays on his laurals and this does not work. He needs a strong coach who he will listem to. I don't see a "17" in his future.
07/05/2011 | 04:40 PM
hi roger and for all fans
RF "no one like u "
when ur playing u look like an artist when he is
drawing a beautiful painting
ur the tennis
07/05/2011 | 04:34 PM
Both Djoker and Nadal have yet to back up one successful season with another. Djoker is unlikely to defend the points next year. As for 'Nadal being the role model', I think Djoker wants to get into Nadal's head, he has enjoyed beating him in 5 finals on all surfaces ('that is what Nadal has achieved these days' :)), yet he is his role model. A bit contradictory. 'Nova-Novak era' was just plain dumb! Suddenly in 8 years, neither Nadal or Federer is no. 1, so they done now.......That's naive.
07/05/2011 | 02:45 PM
After Sundy's wimbledon final.. Novak has become my second fav tennis player... now the best part is there will be a lot of nadal vs federer semi finals... i am hoping for nadal vs federer semi in US open.. and obviously it will be murray vs djoko in semis murray is useless in semis... he will never win.. but atleast our champ has a chance to keep beating nadal in semis of many tournaments and there improve the H2H...
07/05/2011 | 01:44 PM
Well well just read that the JOKER told the press that Nadal is his rol model
for what he has achieved these days in tennis.
His mother had already put some cream in her comments saying there is a new
era Novak-Novak ! First class arrogance.