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Roger stunned by Tsonga

29.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was upset by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the quarterfinals in Wimbledon today: 6-3, 7-6(3), 4-6, 4-6, 4-6.

“I think my game was plenty good enough this year to win the tournament, but unfortunately there’s only one who can win it, and the rest go home empty-handed,” Roger said. “That’s what happened to me today, but Jo played an amazing match.”

Roger started well, converting a break point in Tsonga's first service game and held the lead to take the set. He held in the second which he finally won in the tie-break.
But Tsonga broke our champ in the third set and went on to do so in sets four and five - to eventually end Roger's quest for a seventh Wimbledon crown.

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07/07/2011 | 09:41 PM
Jennico**same page**

I love it when you write - so don't give up :-)

07/07/2011 | 09:39 PM
dear Roger: I wish you all success for Davis Cup and all the best for vacations. Enjoy your time Champ and enjoy you wonderfull family!!!! We´ll be waiting for you !!!
07/07/2011 | 09:23 PM
07/07/2011 | 09:17 PM
I want to say hello to all old and new fans in this website keep going guys :) it`s only one of the strenght our roger hold on to fought his loneliness of being defeated for so many times this year, we must cheer him up by our loving and caring words,even we are far from him.God bless you Rog,God bless us too...Rogerians.:)
07/07/2011 | 08:38 PM
Roooo Hello my beautiful sun, I wish you all success in the Davis Cup, I hope to see you, kisses to the family, I love you Rosie Argentina.
07/07/2011 | 08:35 PM
he will reclaim his position at the top of the game and dislodge those two ugly usurpers . Nadal is wearing himself out of the game, physically and mentally. Novak's reign will be short lived , he is the great pretender , and Rogi will continue to lead IN OUR HEARTS !
The truth is, I don't really care about the rankings, I am not impressed by the stats,only numbers ! what matters to me is that Roger remains happy and healthy and that HE CONTINUES TO PLAY AND TO PLAY AND TO PLAY ...
07/07/2011 | 08:06 PM
Hi Yukimi, Boting, Dutch Lady ,Mitz and too many old friends to list... !!!
So gook to read you all ! I've become a silent poster...my work is turning me into a slave...but I try to read your posts as much as i can...and I thank you for your optimism. your faith in Roger which never dims ! our love and admiration for our great champ will keep us united though his ups and downs and keep our support and encouragement unshakable Roger will shine through the 2nd half of 2011...as he did in 2010 !
07/07/2011 | 07:32 PM
Roger, you did well in Wimbledon, your game is ok, like you said in the press conference, Tsonga just played the best 3 final sets of his life and you didnt really get a chance to break in those 3 sets and he was just returning like missiles. You were just 3 matches from reclaiming the no1 spot in the ranking.

Good luck for remainder of the year, as theres loads to play for and loads you can still win this year. Good luck Champ :-)
07/07/2011 | 06:55 PM
Yeh Boting Rogifriend Stussy18 - always nice to read you guys - hope you're all well.

Yeh -ADi1008 - not more than in your great debate with BABBO , eh? Ha! Ha! It was a good debate. How old am I ? Older than I wish to be.
BABBO said he was 19, yes? Am I correct in memory? Well I can tell you I'm older than BABBO.

Anyway , all four of you - Roger's quite a guy, eh? I can confirm to you - right now JWT's match is the farthest thing from his mind- he's entirly focused on DavisCup.Take care.
07/07/2011 | 05:19 PM
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