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Roger stunned by Tsonga

29.06.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was upset by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the quarterfinals in Wimbledon today: 6-3, 7-6(3), 4-6, 4-6, 4-6.

“I think my game was plenty good enough this year to win the tournament, but unfortunately there’s only one who can win it, and the rest go home empty-handed,” Roger said. “That’s what happened to me today, but Jo played an amazing match.”

Roger started well, converting a break point in Tsonga's first service game and held the lead to take the set. He held in the second which he finally won in the tie-break.
But Tsonga broke our champ in the third set and went on to do so in sets four and five - to eventually end Roger's quest for a seventh Wimbledon crown.

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07/06/2011 | 09:58 PM
we got so used to rog winning so much, so long, we forgot how unusual 3 GS a yr is. he did it 3x. what he is doing now is usual. djk took 3 yrs between GS wins. agassi 4 yrs between. pete took 12 yrs to get 14 GS. rog only 7 yrs to get 16 GS, 2003-2010. nadal was right, djk can't stay this level forever. remember RAFA SLAM turned into NOVAK'S STREAK. think how many points he has to defend in 2012. rog defended for 4.5+ yrs to stay at #1 a record 237 wks. nadal's #1 stay, 56 wks. RF IS GOAT!!!
07/06/2011 | 09:33 PM
وان شاءالله هيرجع اقوى مما كان بس لازم كلنا نقف ورائه ونسعده وندعيله وان شاء الله انا هدعيله فى رمضان كل يوم وده حال الصحافه لما تكون بتكسب تقرب منك وتشكر فيك ولما تخسر تقول انه مستواه سئ وانه يعتزل وده حال الصحافه فى كل مكان فى الكون بس احنا ورائه لغايه لما يبقى احسن واحد فى ا
07/06/2011 | 09:26 PM
انا اسفه انى بكتب بالعربى بس اناهقدر اعبر احلى واكتر بلغتى الاساسيه انا بشجع وبحب فيدرير جدا لدرجه لا توصف ليس فقط للعبه الرائع الجميل ولكن لاخلاقه التى هى اهم شئ فى الحياه انا كنت بدعيله انه يكسب ويمبليدون ولكن لما خسر حزنت جدا ولكنى متاكده انه هيكسب ان شاء الله امريكا المفت
07/06/2011 | 09:03 PM
21 GRAND SLAM before GOAT retire ;)
07/06/2011 | 08:33 PM
Nadal can still win more grandslams. Djokovic is not unbeatable. Some player can have a 'I'm on cloud 9' day like Tsonga did and beat him. Hope for Federer's sake that he strives to play his best against Nadal and bring the WIN home. Just like Djokovic said when asked about SF at US 10, 'If I lose, it's just another loss to Federer.' (like at US 07, 09) Hope I never get into the habit of thinking, 'It's just another loss to Nadal.' So Federer, bring back some balance to that h2h.
07/06/2011 | 08:31 PM
Very sad for you, Roger. But you will triumph again! And you will always be our Number One!! x
07/06/2011 | 06:58 PM
I was also stunned by Feds' early exit but Tsonga did play perfect lawn tennis. Feds didn't mess up that much to lose. I still believe he can win 1 more RG & will surpass Sampras @ Wimby. I find Rafa's reaction to Djoko's win interesting to say the least. He was VERY disappointed. He said repeatedly that Djoko's the best "for the moment". With Feds, Rafa always stated as a fact that Feds IS the GOAT. In contemporary tennis, Feds & Rafa have taken tennis to new heights. Thx to both.
07/06/2011 | 06:34 PM
i love you federer
07/06/2011 | 06:14 PM
WE LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And i'm sure you will be back! :D
07/06/2011 | 05:55 PM
Very nice comments, so true and positive.
It is true, Roger has given us many beautiful moments and now it's our turn to repay him and give support to whatever the result.