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Cool Jazz for a Relaxed Roger

18.07.2011 | Off Court, Starseite 3

A relaxed Roger can be seen in the Credit Suisse promotional ad “Helping Roger Federer Relax. Since 1981.“ The music used in the ad is just as relaxed. The cool, calm jazz soundtrack was composed and produced by David Arch and Mark Campbell especially for the ad campaign. Its title: “Roger Says Relax.“ The song can be downloaded for free here.

Watch the making-of here.

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08/06/2011 | 07:36 AM
However,your respect for this unyielding family during your career have earned you an extension to your already very full tennis 'life'.And although you know that this non-negotiable lease will inevitably lapse, you are still so eager,and "at peace" to work very hard,to compromise wisely and effectively,in order to justify this period of Grace(daughter!),to be the best that you can possibly be,enjoy it to the utmost,and give much joy to many people in the process-a long process,I hope.:D
08/06/2011 | 07:34 AM
A True Champion - by definition,and by example.Thank you,Best Champion,for the13 years already of tennis delights and beauty,for the extra and special acts of grace and kindness to any-and-everybody,for the integrity and dedication on and off the courts,and for the love and happiness that even just the thought of you evokes.Happy Birthday dear Roger.I wish you good health,much happiness,and fun every day of your life.God bless you always.
08/06/2011 | 02:32 AM
You are so beautiful here... :) ele
08/05/2011 | 11:04 AM
3 more days to your 30th birthday Roger!!!! :):) really wish you all the best in everything and hope you and your family stay happy and healthy always!!! and do hope you will win the us open this year as well!!! you can do it Roger! we'll be supporting you from all corners of the world! :)

you are and will ALWAYS be our inspiration and the role model we look up to! :`)

08/05/2011 | 04:55 AM
happy birthday roger. wish you all the best coming tournment..
08/05/2011 | 12:37 AM
since 18/07/2011, we heard nothing about u, it's important to keep in touch with u. wish u the best
08/04/2011 | 08:53 PM
happy birthday dear roger.
08/04/2011 | 02:55 PM
Happy 30th birthday, Rog. May blessings continue to come to you as a person, family man, and as the greatest tennis player of all time...
08/04/2011 | 03:20 AM
GREAT having news from you, dear Roger!!!! And very nice conference!!! We miss you a lot!!!! Greetings for all Federer family!! And ready for the coming season and share all your matches!!! All the best for you!!! with Love...
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