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Roger out against Tsonga

12.08.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger lost his second match within a month to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, ending his quest for the Montreal Masters title after a 6-7(3), 6-4, 1-6.

Roger was a further top seed after Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray to exit the event. “I played two matches, I feel good physically,” he said. “Jo played an excellent third set. The first two sets were tighter. I should maybe have won the first one, I had some opportunities."

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08/13/2011 | 03:44 AM
Just saw Cincy's draw: Roger is in the same half as Djokovic, so they could meet in a possible semi. COME OOOON KING! The draw seems VERY good !
08/13/2011 | 03:10 AM
Roger: You are the best player, you know, I know and everybody knows that
, too. You need prove nothing to anyone. But I feel, for the first time since I have been your fan, you play for obligation, and you seem not to enjoy playing anymore. I miss your "serial murder" attitude, when you know that you can win every match, no matter what. Please, forget me if I am wrong, but I have the best intentions in my heart.
08/13/2011 | 03:09 AM
Funny isnt it that tsonga plays doubles with Stan a friend. I woulnt putt past tsonga
To give tsonga some points on beating or getting to you. on the court no one is your friend good luck in cincy
08/13/2011 | 02:13 AM
Dear Roger, As with others, I am saddened by your loss to Tsonga. But I am more concerned that, stoicism aside, you seemed not to be there in spirit -- as if you had a heavy heart. I hope I am wrong but I worry for you when there does not seem to be joy in your game. Take care and I wish all good things for the US Open.
08/13/2011 | 02:00 AM
great to see you hit some pretty shots....sorry about the loss but it didnt seem to bother you very much....I guess we are just lucky to still be able to watch your play.... but as a Canadian, I would have loved to see you win this one...good luck in Cincinnati....
08/13/2011 | 01:06 AM
@foreveRFaithful, I really agree with you. Just hope he finds it back soon! I will not want to think about tennis without Roger at all ! He is the reason why I enjoyed tennis and play it now and then. If he believes in himself and the material he posesses he can do so much more. He just need to find a solid plan to crack the new line of approving players such as Tsonga...Never give up Roger. Go for the next tournament and the US open, a very important one !, at least one slam for you and us Fans
08/13/2011 | 12:40 AM
it hurts to see you out of the tournament and loose two matches against Tsonga, but as always I wish you the best for your next tournaments.

love you to the end,
08/13/2011 | 12:28 AM
Its ok Rog , we love you and the best is comming !!!
08/13/2011 | 12:05 AM
Okay, I think it is a final time now to do the best, but really the best and make some new frontiers. Roger still has material in himself to do it. Take two or three slams, at least. He can do it if he finds again that fire he had during FO semis. I don't understand why it longs for so little time. I refuse to believe it is the beginnign of the end, it hurts so much.
08/12/2011 | 11:51 PM
A pesar de la derrota d hoy estas por encima de nadal y murray...sigue adelante♥♥♥