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This weekend

21.09.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans


Together with the rest of the Davis Cup team, I will be giving my best before long. We certainly hope to be playing in a fully packed stadium here in Geneva and are already looking forward to the special atmosphere you always create for and with us. There are still tickets available at the box-office, by the way!


The encounter against Serbia & Montenegro will be quite similar to the one against Great Britain a year ago. Only that we will be playing on hard court this time – certainly to our advantage. The draw for the matches will take place today at noon today and in the evening we’ll be having the official dinner with both teams, always a nice event.


I took up my personal training on Monday and must say that I am playing well. I feel fit for the coming matches and am happy with the doubles and singles training sessions that we have followed here.


We are all hoping for a great Davis Cup weekend with a lot of spectators – as we will certainly need you during certain phases and even entire matches. I am looking forward to the frenetic atmosphere and I am confident that we can win this round. I’d like to wish everyone coming to watch loads of fun in Geneva. Enjoy it; it might be quite a while before the next Davis Cup encounter is held in Switzerland.


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09/21/2006 | 04:31 PM
Hi roger,

It's great to hear that you feel well and you are happy with the way you are playing.

it's a shame we can't watch in the uK but i will be thinking of you wishing you all the luck. Not forgetting the rest of the team good luck to them to.
09/21/2006 | 04:28 PM
Oh Rogi.. tnx a lot to write us... most of us sometimes just wait you read something about all the messages we write here for you, but we never expect you send a message for us. TNX A LOT!!!!.
Anyway, i really wish to be there to buy the tickets, and to
09/21/2006 | 04:26 PM
Dear Swiss Fans,

I have just read today from the Malaysian newspaper that the Davis Cup tickets to watch Roger and Swiss team are not fully sold out. I am Malaysian and if I could afford to fly and see Roger play during this time I would in a zip.
09/21/2006 | 04:24 PM
Dear Roger,

Good luck to you and your team! May the Swiss prevail with a stadium jam-packed with approving fans!

With love from,
Your #1 fan in VT
09/21/2006 | 04:21 PM
Oh how i wish i could be there cheering for you.....if i had the chance i would!!
But Geneva is just to far away......
Nice for the fans living nearby!!!!
Hope you soon come to The Netherlands, so i get the change also to see you play.
Lots off fun, p
09/21/2006 | 04:17 PM
Thanks for writing to us Roger!:D You're the best!
I wish you and the rest of the team to win there...

09/21/2006 | 04:09 PM
Thanks so much for writing us Roger!
We are always eager to hear from you, (especially after such an eventful and amazing season so far) so when you do take the time to write us we appreciate it very much.

I wish you and the boys best of luck this w
09/21/2006 | 03:58 PM
hey Rogerrrrrrr!:D
thanxxxxx alot for writing to us!
i wish you and your team all the very best and good luck for these matches!!!
hope you win and have a great time with ur teamates!!!!i cant watch you but i m sure who r gonna watch u 'd enjoy alot !!
09/21/2006 | 03:54 PM
ye that wud be grt hope swiss team wins davis cup
09/21/2006 | 03:47 PM
Best wishes!! Love you.
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