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This weekend

21.09.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans


Together with the rest of the Davis Cup team, I will be giving my best before long. We certainly hope to be playing in a fully packed stadium here in Geneva and are already looking forward to the special atmosphere you always create for and with us. There are still tickets available at the box-office, by the way!


The encounter against Serbia & Montenegro will be quite similar to the one against Great Britain a year ago. Only that we will be playing on hard court this time – certainly to our advantage. The draw for the matches will take place today at noon today and in the evening we’ll be having the official dinner with both teams, always a nice event.


I took up my personal training on Monday and must say that I am playing well. I feel fit for the coming matches and am happy with the doubles and singles training sessions that we have followed here.


We are all hoping for a great Davis Cup weekend with a lot of spectators – as we will certainly need you during certain phases and even entire matches. I am looking forward to the frenetic atmosphere and I am confident that we can win this round. I’d like to wish everyone coming to watch loads of fun in Geneva. Enjoy it; it might be quite a while before the next Davis Cup encounter is held in Switzerland.


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09/21/2006 | 03:36 PM
You'll all do great, Roger


Linda (Luton-UK)
09/21/2006 | 03:24 PM
It's great to hear from you, thanks Roger for thinking about us, we appreciate this very much!
If i have a chance, i'll spent all my days watching you and all the Swiss team, but i'm so far away...
Good luck to you and your team!
May God Bless you and
09/21/2006 | 03:16 PM
First off, great to hear from you Rog - it'd be great if you were able to write more often but of course you have so much on your plate each day so it's understandable that you don't do it often. Anyways just want to wish you and the rest of the Swiss te
09/21/2006 | 02:39 PM
nice to hear from you!!!
good luck for you and all da rest
ur fan jumana
09/21/2006 | 02:34 PM
????????? - ???? ??? ?? ????)
09/21/2006 | 02:25 PM
Good luck for you and the entire Swiss team! It seems to me that the elements have come together in time for this match, with you and the rest of the team, such as Stanislas, in good shape and healthy!

Can't wait to watch you guys play this weekend!!!
09/21/2006 | 02:18 PM
Dear Roger,

I forgot to say that within 5 days you have 500 more fans. It was 84000 on the 17th of Sept. Wow! Thats amazing!


09/21/2006 | 02:11 PM
Dearest Roger,

You are playing Tipsarevic with whom you have never played before. I am glad its on hard court ( rebound ace) but be careful with him. I wish you all the luck in the world against Tipsarevic. Give your team the first win and boost them u
09/21/2006 | 02:10 PM
It's a bit pity, that I cannot watch you on television. I would be very happy to see you playing doubles, you do it so rare.
But above all I am sure Switzerland will win.
Ich drücke euch vom Daumen!

09/21/2006 | 02:05 PM
Good luck to the Swiss team and all of your fans best toughts may be with you.
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