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Out in quarters

20.08.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger dropped out of the quarter finals in Cincinnati as he lost 6-2, 7-6(3) to Tomas Berdych.

Roger had a hard time with Berdych's aggressive play in the first set. On his own second serve, he managed to win a mere 10% of the points played. Roger went on to improve his serve in the second set, taking it into a tie-break after just missing a chance for a break-ball. But he simply committed too many errors during the last phase of the match, losing against Berdych for the third time in their last four encounters.

The US Open - the last Grand Slam of the season - starts in New York in 10 days time.

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08/22/2011 | 01:24 AM
Fed&Nole#1 - u say, its time for Roger to quit. But below, are some of the points which states, how best he is.
As u know, in Tennis, athleticism is very important and age factor will surely effect the play.But Roger is playing all grand slams without a miss from last 4 years and reached QFs.
At the age of 30, He is still in top3 and he is the only one , on whom we can bet before match, that he can defeat any one.As he has the most of tennis impossible shots in his Arsenal.Ex:-Dfeatd Djokovi
08/22/2011 | 01:19 AM
saying i have no brains, i talk bullshit.. damn you big man tho.. big talk!!! lol.. iknow its the truth dude.. and i can say what i want coz iknow i am right.. and mickah you say sampras and agassi.. you right but they play tennis like fed.. he can beat them but he cant beat hardhitters like berdych tsonga etc.. only somethimes tho!!!
08/22/2011 | 01:04 AM
Federer, ur tennis is awesome and i believe u can surely reach No 1 rank. I agree, u have nothing to prove to none as u r already a legend. But could you please look/work onto ur winning streak in matches when ur fighting back from one or two sets down.

Its my pleasure to watch ur tennis irrespective of loss/win.Have Fun along with work. All the Best Champ for US Open.
08/22/2011 | 01:00 AM
If YOU think this, that doesn't mean that you are right. Please keep for yourself comment like this and other bullshit (Sharapova can beat Fed)! Just want to say to you to have some respect to tennis legend RF. And if you have you will not writte stupid comment like this and etc.
08/22/2011 | 12:58 AM
My god you are full of it. Without Federer, the likes of Nadal, Djokovic etc would not be nearly as good as what they are. Federer has helped make modern day tennis what it is and set the standard so high that it took others this long to catch up. Do not forget that he came up through the ranks by beating Sampras, Agassi, Safin and those calibar of people. 237 consecutive weeks as World No.1 is not a fluke
08/22/2011 | 12:49 AM
To Marko87

Thanks for saying i have no brains.. but i only say this because i think its the truth!!!
08/22/2011 | 12:45 AM
Fed&Nole#1 federer would never win as much as he did.. if he faced those players before.. djokovic, nadal,berdych, tsonga, murray, del potro.. its hard to say this but i think its the truth!!!!!!

If you really think this, then you don't have brain. It's hard to read this stupid thing what you writte. Please have some respect to man who is made tennis so beautiful and elegance. Tennis without Roger is so boring. Please don't writte comment like this here. Go to ndj.com. Federer is tennis!
08/22/2011 | 12:36 AM
I have tickcets for men´s quarterfinals at us open this year. I will fly all the way from brazil just to watch you play and win. I am a huge fan! All you need is getting your cofidence back! You are still the best player. Go for it my friend!
08/22/2011 | 12:34 AM
before i called R. Federer... the swissMaestro or Fedexpress... Now i call him FedExit!!!! sorry champ but time to quit!!!
08/22/2011 | 12:23 AM
Roger you're tennis is just amazing and the best of all time, whether you win or lose. I just love to watch you play. All the best for US Open :)