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Out in quarters

20.08.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger dropped out of the quarter finals in Cincinnati as he lost 6-2, 7-6(3) to Tomas Berdych.

Roger had a hard time with Berdych's aggressive play in the first set. On his own second serve, he managed to win a mere 10% of the points played. Roger went on to improve his serve in the second set, taking it into a tie-break after just missing a chance for a break-ball. But he simply committed too many errors during the last phase of the match, losing against Berdych for the third time in their last four encounters.

The US Open - the last Grand Slam of the season - starts in New York in 10 days time.

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08/23/2011 | 07:08 AM
Roger's Facebook page says that he's in New York so maybe it's time to update this site?
08/23/2011 | 06:29 AM
Hi Roger,

Tennis without you in upper stages of ATP is boring. I know you cannot compete at that level forever but I really miss you in the ATP finals.
I hope you will play in the 2011 US Open final and win it.
Stay healthy and see you soon...
08/23/2011 | 05:07 AM

Roger does have mental block against Nadal, whole world knows it. Even he mentioned it before (after Rome 2010: Clay is not my problem, Rafa is my problem). Just like what this year's defeats to Djokovic did to Nadal, the defeats in 2008 did to Roger. But I believe he can do well on faster courts and he's easing on that block.
Regarding cashing on his fame through endorsements, there's nothing wrong in it since he earned it. If any other player have that chance they'd be doing it.
08/23/2011 | 04:55 AM
Dear Roger
I completely agree with those fans who say that there is no tennis without ROGER FEDERER! I'm sure we don't exaggerate at all. As a matter of fact after Rpland Garros you don't play as we are used to but I hope you'll improve! Anyway, the hope is last to die!
Roger, if you improve your game and approach to it I'm sure you'll win not only USOpen, but a lot of tournaments as well. Everything depends completely on you! Do something, we are here to support you and forever love you.
08/23/2011 | 03:38 AM
come on maestro come on .. you can do it i know that
I'll always love you roger whatever happened .. there is no tennis without roger federer .. waiting for you in US open
anyone ask you to retire , is not your fan and didn't love you ever
still and always believe in you roger
your fanatic
08/23/2011 | 03:07 AM
1-Hello Roger how are you?

You played well, don't worry, be patient.

The thing is that we all love you so much even the media, that we all want you to win everything, and some people get carried away a lose perspective.
08/23/2011 | 03:06 AM
2-No matter that you are the greatest you just can't win everything all the time and be at your highest level every week, that's just pure logic and a natural thing in life, so let's all keep perspective and Roger don't pay attention to the extremist negative ones, just focus on the positive and stay calm.
08/23/2011 | 03:06 AM
3-See how everybody gets burned out so fast, thank God and to your professionalism and hard work, you are healthy and ready to fight and keep going, and surely we'll have our beautiful Roger on the tour for many more years to come.
08/23/2011 | 03:06 AM
4-Have a great time in NYC, enjoy your practice time and take care. All my best wishes. And have I mentioned that you are the most handsome man in the World!

Hopefully you'll get a chance to see this, I wrote it for you: http://for-roger.webs.com/

I love you… :)
08/23/2011 | 12:06 AM
Somebody reported that you practiced your serve incessantly the day after you quarter final loss in the hot weather when most people could barely stand in the sun....this shows your dedication adn commitment to tennis...you are awesome Roger,the greatest of all time. I remember that in 2008, you lost early in Montreal and Cincinnati but won US Open, I'm sure this year it will be the same and 2011 US Open will yours braveheart. Lots of love and best wishes :D