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Out in quarters

20.08.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger dropped out of the quarter finals in Cincinnati as he lost 6-2, 7-6(3) to Tomas Berdych.

Roger had a hard time with Berdych's aggressive play in the first set. On his own second serve, he managed to win a mere 10% of the points played. Roger went on to improve his serve in the second set, taking it into a tie-break after just missing a chance for a break-ball. But he simply committed too many errors during the last phase of the match, losing against Berdych for the third time in their last four encounters.

The US Open - the last Grand Slam of the season - starts in New York in 10 days time.

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08/23/2011 | 02:54 PM
Should i say roddick in qtrs, nadal in semis and murray in finals...
hoping for matches like del potro vs tsonga, fish vs berdych, murray vs cilic, or else del potro vs nadal.. this match would be perfect....
08/23/2011 | 02:46 PM
The way federer can win US open
1. having a draw almost exactly like FO this year
2. thereby stay away from tsonga, berdych, del potro, roddick,fish,
3. has made qtrs of last 29 majors so presuming he is in qtrs already.. the nst 3 players should be.. ferrer,semis (obviously either murry or nadal i say it should be nadal) and finals against murray lets hope and pray that this happens.. on current state only dokovic can take 3 sets of federer in US open surface...
08/23/2011 | 11:56 AM
****CHIEKO89 ****
You are welcome :)
08/23/2011 | 11:39 AM
Agree with you their Macbeth. Why do these players keep retiring from important matches? They are so burned out?, or just demonstrating bad sportsmanship? Does anyone ever remember Roger retiring from an important match?
Huh? what is happening to this sport?
You are the greatest Roger, ON & OFF THE COURT.
08/23/2011 | 11:09 AM
Thank you 1000 aces I watched and I was so happy.
08/23/2011 | 11:09 AM
Thank you 1000 aces I watched and I was so happy.
08/23/2011 | 10:53 AM
Love u always Federer san.
08/23/2011 | 10:46 AM
Please fans watch this video & notice that djokovic in the second and third set played as he is playing right now . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd2JhMC7dVk
08/23/2011 | 07:26 AM
continued= or Novak doing that commercial where he flies on top of the a plane's wing playing tennis looking silly? Or Monfils & Fish ads for BigShot? Or Roddick for LaCrosse? or Serena for Wilson, etc, etc, etc. The difference is that Roger has more & better...that's all.
08/23/2011 | 07:23 AM
RAMCHARAN - agree w/u. KARTHIK001 disagree w/u. I saw the interview & Roger wasn't saying anything of the wall regarding Nadal, just stated a fact. U know, Roger is extraordinary on & off the tennis court & it's good that he's having all that success. It's not his fault that the powerful endorsers he has endorse him & not RN or NJ or anyone else for that matter. Now, how about Nadal doing a video w/Shakira & modeling 4 -forgot who- (continues)