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Roger defeated in 5 sets

10.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to end his quest for another US Open title with a 7-6(9), 6-4, 3-6, 2-6, 5-7 defeat against Novak Djokovic in the semi-final today.


Roger had a tough day as it is only the second time in a total of 184 matches that he has been beaten after leading by two sets. The loss means he will finish a season without a grand slam title for the first time since 2002.

Everything looked perfect in the beginning as Roger booked the first two sets and was playing really well. It was in the two following two sets that Djokovic raised his level of play while Roger did not quite keep up. Roger got everything back together in the final set, taking it to 40-15 on his serve at 5-3. But an incredibly hard forehand from the Serb and one of Roger's balls just barely touching the net and sailing into the out kept him from clinching the victory. Djokovic went sailing through and secured the win after over four hours of play.

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09/14/2011 | 05:10 AM
Rog, u retooled/rebound from 2010-USO-SF-similar loss by BEATIN' Djoker in 4 sets @ 2011-FO by learnin' from Djoker's come-from-behind HARDENIN' loss, but u were clearly 2-0 ahead of what would-be a runway winner, but U FAILED 2 CLOSE OUT AGAINST THIS DJOKER YET AGAIN~!

Watchin' a rerun match of 2011-USO final bet. RN-DJOKER: Djoker clearly LEARNED his 2011-USO-Final loss against RN & he took it 2 RN by REFUSING TO LET RN RUNNIN' AROUND HIS 4HAND.

09/14/2011 | 04:05 AM
C'mon people don't be so negative!
go roger! it's okay because you basically won the match. he just stole it from you so don't worry, in your heart you know you deserved to win!!
I am excited to see what you will win later this year!? how about a repeat of the barclays! go rog:) i luv u:)
09/14/2011 | 03:50 AM
What do you mean ?
09/14/2011 | 02:54 AM
I missed all the weekends matches due to absence but I was rooting for you in the woods Roger! So sad that the semi-final "fell" the way it did, but it looked to me like yours was the best match of the last few. You gave it your all and that's what matters...although that doesn't make it feel any better. Can't wait to see/hear of your next match...your fan ALWAYS!!!

ps. the final made me wish for you, the "old" player, who never complains of injury during a match!!!
09/14/2011 | 01:44 AM
Gogo whatever, fix your revolution and camp at Tahrir square!
09/14/2011 | 01:36 AM
FLAT-RETURN learn how to spell.
09/14/2011 | 01:22 AM
I am looking forward to see an amazing 2012 year with Roger. We should never forget that he was almost there and he just missed it. I am sure he will prove it one more time to himself and the rest of the world. For me he is the best player ever and nothing will change that.
09/13/2011 | 11:59 PM
...And, worse still, Fed is turning into a bad loser as well. His remark on Djokovic's lucky return of serve on match point, which Fed attributed to his opponent's poor work ethic, is simply arrogant, unfair, offensive and, quite frankly, utterly stupid. The man is a champion and a father; he ought to have the guts to go in front of the cameras and tell the truth: "I lost because I crumbled mentally. My opponent didn't."
09/13/2011 | 11:47 PM
This loss is a disaster because it materialised due to Rog turning inexplicably passive when it really mattered. Fear of winning? No more killer-instinct? If this is the case Rog will never have a chance against whoever is able to stretch him into a tight contest. I seriously believe that this match signs the end of Fed as we knew it. He has lost the cool and mental focus. From now on, it's going to be quarter-finals or less. And forget the Olympics... No chance. Not _this_ Federer.
09/13/2011 | 11:26 PM
FLAT: how about Djok? He did not only troubled Fed but also anyone else, including Nadal. The cue: he improves himself and he asks questions and answers them. Fed, I'm sorry, never changes his strategy, that's why he keep losing to Nadal, and even his answers at the interviews are the same. Too sad, Fed could have won more, he wasted his chance. That moment in the 5th set of US open says all...