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Shanghai Rolex Masters

23.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

After consultation with my team, I’ve unfortunately decided to pull out of the Shanghai Rolex Masters in order to take some necessary time to rest and recuperate after a long summer. I have some nagging injuries that I need to address and I look forward to returning to the ATP World Tour as soon as possible. I have very fond memories of Shanghai so I will miss this amazing tournament and all my loyal Chinese fans, but I look forward to returning to China next fall.


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10/29/2011 | 09:14 PM
WE miss u .after you take the reset we hope to see you NO 1 again .you are the best .by the way i saw you holding the train please take care of fitness ... love you
10/27/2011 | 11:56 AM
Hello from Miami. Your fans miss you. Hope to see you soon.
10/26/2011 | 01:01 AM
Please check the RE 2011 thread under FORUM to send Roger a message at the Basel tournament. Only about 1 1/2 days left and Isabelle still needs about 17 messages to make 100 to give to Roger. Please send message if you haven't already!!!
10/25/2011 | 12:30 PM
Dear Roger
You can see how ambitious your fans are! I belong to those who don't live in the past, but I highly appreciate and estimate everything you have achieved so far. Nobody is better than you, but you must continue playing your best! It is what I expect from you, and if then you regain your higher ranking place (no doubt you will), I'll be satisfied. It doesn't match you to be the 3rd or below ranked! You can play better, try again!!
Wish you all the best and good luck Roger!
10/24/2011 | 09:43 PM
Your team knows math, and they get the bill to go back to number one. This is what we your fans HOPE. One more week please ... 2 it's better, but y would say ONE more is OK with me
10/22/2011 | 02:51 AM
No matter how you play,we all like you and support you forever.
10/22/2011 | 12:52 AM
I know it sounds stereotype but still want to say: Big fun:)!
And also, I want to say: Take care, Roger. As long as we can see you on the tennis court, it doesn't matter you win or lose. What make us love you so much are your consummate skill, gracious personality and charming performance. You're happy then we're happy!
10/20/2011 | 12:48 PM
hope you are feeling pretty well now :)
10/20/2011 | 07:47 AM
Welcome back.We support you forever.
10/19/2011 | 06:43 PM
Gr8 Roger.........
Btw no 4 is NOT okay.........
Please make yer fans see a gr8 comeback in 2012 n see their no 1 Mastero......
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! May d yr b lucky 4 u!!!!
All d best 4 now also!!!
Wishes drom India!!!
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