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Shanghai Rolex Masters

23.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

After consultation with my team, I’ve unfortunately decided to pull out of the Shanghai Rolex Masters in order to take some necessary time to rest and recuperate after a long summer. I have some nagging injuries that I need to address and I look forward to returning to the ATP World Tour as soon as possible. I have very fond memories of Shanghai so I will miss this amazing tournament and all my loyal Chinese fans, but I look forward to returning to China next fall.


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10/15/2011 | 09:19 PM
Murray is like a vulture, he scavengers on left-over tournaments, which are absent of the big three players. He chokes in the grandslams. But if Federer is no. 4, surely he will be drawn in Nadal's half at grandslams! That is my wish but history is biased on this.
10/15/2011 | 11:35 AM
i am a big fan of you in Thailand. I hope I will see you at Stock home OKK!!!
10/15/2011 | 04:47 AM
Roger I know you will win Basel and also WTF because you are the best player in history
10/15/2011 | 02:56 AM
Cant wait till you are back on court again. Tennis is Soooo............Boring without you!!! Nadal lost at Shanhai and Murray is looking good (for now) and he is closing in on your Number 3. Basel-is Yours. C'mmMooOOnnnnnnnnnnnnn Roger.
10/14/2011 | 09:09 PM
We miss u so much dear! It is rare to follow a tournament in which you are not part of! Hope a quick and proper recuperation! Enjoy your family as much as you can! See u soon!!!!
10/14/2011 | 07:30 PM
GOD bless you Roger :)))))
10/14/2011 | 11:30 AM
we love you so much roger and we wait you for next champion .
10/13/2011 | 08:44 PM
Good decision, Go on .. We are waiting for your return.
10/13/2011 | 05:26 PM
I want to watch the game in Shanghai, but you are not in there. Roger, we miss you so much!
10/13/2011 | 03:34 PM
Eres el numero 1 Roger!
You're the best!

Espero verte en el proximo torneo!
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