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Over 9 mio. fans

13.10.2011 | Off Court, Starseite 2

Unbelievable: Roger passed the mark of 9 million fans on his official Facebook-account. Our champ has now more fans on Facebook than there are inhabitants in Switzerland and comes first in numbers compared to the other tennis players.

Roger's official Facebook-account.

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04/19/2014 | 10:17 AM
I love you very much.
My favorite.
10/31/2011 | 12:23 AM
Would love to see you make the "most influential" next year as well. Look at how the excitement, anticipation, and momentum is building in honor of your excellence!

You are the KING I tell ya the KING! : D
10/30/2011 | 07:34 PM
roger please send an email for me .
10/30/2011 | 07:28 PM
Roger i am from india ,i love you so much,my son in law name is roger.he is 5 days child.please win remain two tournments in this year for me.

your super hero,gladiator.
10/30/2011 | 05:12 PM
Come on Go go go
i love you
10/30/2011 | 04:54 PM
Roger, you have many more fans worldwide that are not even on Facebook! You are the best EVER - such a class act on and off the court!

Good luck in Basel!
10/30/2011 | 07:34 AM
Roger has so many supporters because he is a really nice person and more importantly when he plays great tennis it is a thrill to watch him. No other player can play like him. It doesn't matter who is no1 or if he loses as long as he has played well. This is a special time in tennis history. We should take every opportunity to watch one of the greatest players of all time. How could anyone who lives tennis not support him. Good luck in Basel, Roger!
10/28/2011 | 11:49 PM
I'm proud to be one of those 9 million or more..God bless you on for the rest of the year.
10/27/2011 | 03:30 PM
Roger fans much more 20 millions
it is not surprise
10/26/2011 | 07:21 PM
Love you Champ..
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