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Tim the chef

04.10.2006 | Off Court



Last night we had the sponsor reception and welcome party at the official hotel here in Tokyo.  Together with other players I went on stage to break a barrel of sake, which is supposed to bring good luck.  I thought of giving it such a hard wack that I would destroy the barrel but at the very last moment I thought to myself ‘Roger maybe you shouldn’t be doing this’ and I behaved appropriately by giving it the right force.


After the party I went for dinner with Tim Henman and Stefan Koubek who are two of my friends on the tour.  We went to a teppanyaki restaurant where they cook in front of you.  Tim had a funny idea and decided to exchange his chopsticks with the chef’s utensils and took over from him. Actually he was pretty good, I mean he’s a father after all, but I got too worried about my beef and I requested a change of chef.  The dinner was delicious.


I got back to the room, went to sleep and already got into match rhythm.  I woke up, went for breakfast with Mirka and Tony, got my stuff ready, just making sure that I have enough shirts, shoes, etc. This time I actually had a problem with my rackets.  Last night I was rushing so bad to get to the player welcome party after my practice that I forgot to get my rackets strung for today’s match.  But the tournament helped out to get the rackets from the hotel to the tennis courts before me so they could be ready.  I was glad that everything worked out in the end.


I got the stadium and when I walked out on Centre Court for my first match I felt the place buzzing.  There were a lot of fans out there today and that made me feel really happy and excited to play.  It went very well for a first match as I didn’t know my opponent at all before going on court and that always makes it pretty difficult.  As you know I won in two tough tiebreak sets.  After the match I had to do press, doping test, stretch and massage, the usual looooong routine.  


After the match I always like to get in touch with friends and family but here in Japan my ‘stone age’ mobile phone doesn’t work.  They are so advanced here with the modern technologies that I really need to try and get the latest stuff from here before I go back.


I will be funnier again tomorrow as I am quite tired from the match and Dmitry is looking over my shoulder and making me very nervous…






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10/07/2009 | 01:04 PM
we waiting ur back our champ best wishes forever
10/07/2006 | 04:55 AM
Glad everything worked out okay, Roger. Things'll be fine. Here's to a great tournament and another win!

Love and hugs,
10/05/2006 | 05:04 PM
hope the first match give you enough time to find the rhythm.
"stone age"mobile? what a funny thing^_^
wish you have a good rest.
10/05/2006 | 04:29 PM
Jajaja Rogi... even time we read ur histories .. its.. i dont know they are very funny... the Dmitry part is great... lol... Its amazing to see a different part of you.. everyone knows u r great person.. but so funny? never. Nothing is boring about your
10/05/2006 | 04:18 PM
Sali Roger

DANKE fuer die Blogs!!! Ich kann den jeweils naechsten kaum erwarten!
Es ist toll, uns einen Einblick in dein Leben zu geben und uns neben Roger, dem Tennisass, auch Roger, den Menschen, zu zeigen.
10/05/2006 | 04:13 PM
very nice roger!!!
10/05/2006 | 03:36 PM
I love the way you sound!
It looks like you're having real fun over there and that's just amazing.
Keep that attitude!!!
10/05/2006 | 03:31 PM
Roger you're doing great with your blog! No reason to get nervous with Dima behind you! :) And you don't have to try to be funnier. Just by being yourself you have made this blog such a treat to read and something we all look forward to every day! We'll m
10/05/2006 | 03:30 PM
Roger, be careful! Don't buy a PHS mobile phone which you can only use in Japan! Ha! Japan is so advanced that they always use sth different than any other countries.
10/05/2006 | 03:23 PM
i want to be a top tennis player and get massages every day!! jajaja...

keep writing, roger. and even when you are not the atp blogger, come back to the website more often... we miss you!

now go back and win that trophy!

take care
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