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Roger and the Lindt bear

14.11.2011 | Off Court, Starseite 3

At the opening of the LINDT Chocolateria in Kilchberg on 14 November, Roger signed five LINDT bears made of fine bone china, one of which can be exclusively auctioned here. The money will be entirely donated to the Swiss charity organization “Schweizer Winterhilfe”, who has its 75th anniversary this year. The auction of the five LINDT bears signed by Roger is the kick-off for a long-term cooperation of Lindt & Sprüngli and the Roger Federer Foundation in favour of the Swiss Winterhilfe for a support programme for underprivileged children and adolescents in Switzerland. The aim of this initiative is to countervail the social isolation of children who are suffering from poverty.

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11/14/2011 | 11:34 PM
The Lindt bears are rather cute and Lindt Chocolate is my favourite. I agree, Lindt Roger Federers would sell very well worldwide! I would buy one but I doubt I could bring myself to eat a chocolate Roger, it would be cherished like I do the man! As always Roger you are a remarkable man, well done! I look forward to the next project.
11/14/2011 | 11:25 PM
You rock Roger!
11/14/2011 | 11:04 PM
What a real champion is ... Great Rog!
11/14/2011 | 10:58 PM
MARVELOUS as usual!

: D
11/14/2011 | 10:44 PM
What a beautiful example. The corrupt politicians of the developing countries should learn these lessons with great athletes and real human beings who really contribute to a better world through their conduct, attitudes and noble heart.

11/14/2011 | 10:23 PM
that is STUPENDOUS Roger!
11/14/2011 | 09:50 PM
That is a wonderful program. Way to go, Roger, you are awesome! :)
11/14/2011 | 09:49 PM
LINDT bears made of fine bone china are a good idea, but
would bring quite much more money!!!
especially if they were made of Lindt chocolate.
11/14/2011 | 09:30 PM
Love the gold bear and love you more dear Roger!
You are a great person.
Please rest well and be healthy for London to win it.
Besos from México
11/14/2011 | 09:28 PM
God bless you Roger and bless your life and family and may He always helps you to give more and more to the needy people. Love you for ever Roger.
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