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A great performance

05.10.2006 | Tennis

Roger ended Wesley Moodie's reign as Japan Open champion with a 6-2 6-1 win to reach the quarter-finals in Tokyo.


Very concentratet right from the start, it took Roger just 51 minutes to defeat the South African, improving his win-loss record this year to 74-5.


"I played great and came up with an incredible match," Roger told reporters. "I hit a few really great shots but to win so convincingly was quite surprising."


ROger won seven straight games from 3-2 in the first set with an awesome display of stroke-making that left Moodie shaking his head in disbelief.

One angled backhand return from Roger that drifted away from Moodie and onto the line to give him a break for 2-0 in the second set even brought a wry smile to Roger's face. The nine-times grand slam singles champion had struggled to beat 276th-ranked qualifier Viktor Troicki 7-6 7-6 in his opening match and the unfortunate Moodie felt the full backlash.


Roger wrapped up the formalities on his first match point with a kicking second serve that brought a wild backhand from his deflated opponent, who looked relieved his ordeal was over.

"I had trouble returning yesterday and I was expecting worse today," Roger added. "But my reaction time was faster throughout the match today and I got the read better."


Roger will play either Germany's Alexander Waske or Japanese wildcard Takao Suzuki in the quarter-finals. Roger's match with Moodie was played under a closed roof in Tokyo as rain washed out much of Thursday's play.

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10/05/2006 | 05:07 PM
Dearest Roger

Congratulations on your convincing victory! I was afraid that this was going to be a tricky match, particularly as you were facing the defending champion, but I should have known better. Congratulations are also in order regarding your ex
10/05/2006 | 05:02 PM

Ur blog @ atptennis.com and here.
It's amazing. Please do that sometimes if you have time.

I read it every day.
G'Luck against that Japanese hero Suzuki.
10/05/2006 | 05:00 PM
Rog, ur amazing!
Defenitely the greatest tennis player i've ever seen (okay i'm only 19 but your really amazing;P)

At the scoreline Moodie hadn't a chance against a sublime Roger!

But I can't stand that damn Eurosport won't broadcast ur matches! on
10/05/2006 | 04:50 PM
Dearest Roger,

Congratulation on your demolition of Moodie! That was awesome!!! I can see that your little accident at night did not keep you from playing your best. Its too bad that this tournament is not televised in N. America because I enjoy every
10/05/2006 | 04:38 PM
My God!!! just sometrhing out of this planet could surprising u Rogi.. for u surprising urself.. u had to play fantastic.. its a pitty we cant see ur hits.. anyway.. i am very glad u won in this way.. i was waiting u win.. but no like this... i like japan
10/05/2006 | 04:35 PM
Got to win to reach Madrid in style!
10/05/2006 | 04:31 PM
Congratulations! Great match Roger...
10/05/2006 | 04:18 PM
Congratulations Roger
Well done
10/05/2006 | 03:59 PM
Congratulations my Roger Federer and I support you fover!
I'm very excited to hear the news!
On balance,fighting! I love you! I'm sure the better tomorrow!
10/05/2006 | 03:58 PM
I second the comments from Chrisitine. The total lack of TV coverage stinks!
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