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Roger Releases his 2012 |ATP Schedule

17.11.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger has released his schedule for the coming season: 


January 1-7

Australian Open

January 15-28


February 12-18

Indian Wells

March 11-17


March 18-31


May 6-12


May 13-19

Roland Garros

May 27-June 9


June 10-16


June 24-July 7


July 22-31


August 5-11


August 12-18

US Open

August 26-September 8


October 7-13


October 21-27


October 28-November 3


November 4-10



All details subject to change.


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11/22/2011 | 05:02 PM
Perfect ! I am loving the Olympic schedule .
11/22/2011 | 08:37 AM
Brutal schedule, as usual! But I'm *always* ready for more Roger, even if your opponents aren't!!! :-))))
11/21/2011 | 03:36 PM
Dear FedEx...
after watching your perfect play against Berdych at paris, I'm very hopeful for new victories at Grand Slams and Masters...
I'm still hopeful to be #1 again...If you beleive as much as we do, you can be number one again...
Of course the Olympiycs are vital..this time a gold medal at singles is not far...
Good luck...
11/21/2011 | 12:50 PM
AUSTRALIAN OPEN HERE WE COME!!!!!!! Can't wait. Please bring some of your Foundation clothing line with you, it would sell out for sure. I'd rather support you rather than line Nikes pockets....... others ask the same very year there. Long year ahead, but you seem to have your scheduling well under control - do what you need to do to achieve the success you deserve. PS we will try and not have major flooding or bushfires next year, although i loved being at Rally for Reilef, it was a fun day!
11/21/2011 | 02:31 AM
Well time and played, Roger! ***MILESA, the second set was not awful. It was exactly what Roger said it was. He was waiting for his chance, because Tsonga was serving and playing well. That is how tennis goes frequently. I saw it happening, and knew Roger would win. Roger was basically "stalking" Tsonga's game, for the opportunity to pounce and assert himself, as he did.
11/20/2011 | 06:42 PM
Dear Roger
Congratulations!!!!! The first set was marvelous for you, the second awful!! Thank dear God you played better in the third set! Anyway this is important for you to win the first matc. Though I would like it better to accomplish it in the straight sets, but it's OK. I hope you'll be more self confident later on.
Wish you all the best and good luck dearest Roger.
Go, Roger, goooooooooo!
Love, Mimi
11/20/2011 | 06:19 PM
Come on Federer !!!!!!! Don´t ever give up , You´re the best in the history of tennis ,There is still more Roger to come, Our best wishes for you and your family and let´s go for the number one ranking position next year!. That spot belong to you.
11/20/2011 | 02:31 PM
Hello dear Roger, before, congratulations for your season, mainly, for the end, where you won Paris and Basel. You showed an amazing tennis, during the whole season. I wanna like to see you for many seasons yet, because your way to play tennis are enchanting. You can win the London also, so believe in you and much good luck!!

Please Roger, play for ten years more, at least!!

Bye Bye and good luck again!

11/20/2011 | 01:56 PM
Do not want to train for Roland Garros in Bucharest in the period April 21 to 29 ?

Come on Bucharest Roger !
11/20/2011 | 08:08 AM
hi roger good schedule i think
play your best in every tournament and try to win all tournament you will play
i hope you will win all the grandslam it is not impossible
i think you will come world number one again
good luck next year and this week
2012 is your year
take care
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