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A weird night...

05.10.2006 | Off Court



I am happy to be back online writing to all of you after a not so funny experience last night...


But let's start with dinner, which was very good as usual.  Together with Mirka and two friends we went back to the shabu-shabu restaurant where we had dinner with Mr Morita the other night. Everything went fine we had a very nice and relaxing evening.


The trouble started when I woke up in the middle of the night, I must have had a nightmare.  I jumped out of bed and stood up screaming in a state of shock, I did not know where I was and I ran back and hit the corner of the bed which is solid wood and sharp.  Luckily Mirka was there, she woke up because of all the noise that I made, turned on the light on, grabbed me and told me to relax. Apparently I screamed out loud the same thing as I said on court against Tursunov in Toronto (a four letter word that someone might associate with doing on a Toto toilet) .  I have a big bruise on my tibia now.  I don't know what would have happened if she hadn't been there.  It was pretty scary for a moment, it's never happened to me before and hope it will never happen again.  Mirka thinks I have been playing too much tennis this year and that is why it might have happened, but I think it might have been the Sake bomber I had during the shabu-shabu dinner.


Once I calmed down and went back to bed I realized I was in pain and that maybe I should ice my leg.  But it was 4AM and I was too tired...I went back to sleep then woke up again (no drama this time...) and had my normal game day breakfast: vinegar shot, orange juice, cappuccino, water, waffles with raspberry syrup, passion fruit and corn flakes with milk.  I came to the site around 11AM as I was scheduled third match on Centre Court but I had to wait a long time as both women's matches before mine went to the three sets...I was really impatient to go on court.  I was actually lucky to be scheduled on Centre Court as they have a roof here.  It's been raining since this morning and a lot of other players are hanging around in the locker room waiting for their match.  We're having some fun in the locker room listening to music, gossiping and checking out some funny stuff on the internet.  By the way, I made an improvement from the other day as this time I did not forget to leave my rackets to get strung.


I have been online the last couple of days checking the fans' reaction to my blog and I'm happy to see that it's been positive.  I am doing this for my fans and it's good that they are enjoying it.  We have about 85,000 registered users on RogerFederer.com and would like to reach the 100,000 bar before the end of the year.  Please sign up!  They have also told me that my blog has had 200,000 hits on ATPtennis.com.  That's impressive!  Keep reading my blog.


I have also been busy this week selecting the photos for my 2007 calendar.  It will be ready very soon.  No, it is not a swimsuit calendar, but we will have a broad range of both on court and off court photos and I hope it will make a great Christmas gift.  More importantly it will be for a good cause as all proceeds from sales will go to my foundation.


The hotel where I stay in Tokyo is excellent.  The hotel standards in Japan seem to be very high.  They pay a lot of attention to details here and besides the space ship I sit on in the morning, I particularly like the wood (unless you kick the sharp edge with your tibia...) and stone combination, which gives a very warm atmosphere.  I am interested in interior designing and have been impressed by what we have seen in Japan.  It's given us a lot of ideas for our place.


Today's match against Wesley Moodie went easier than I expected, especially since he won this event last year and also because of the long wait to go on court. However, after his first service game where he hit three bombs (meaning aces) in a row, I got a little worried that it was going to be a long day. However, I played really well, there were even more spectators today, the stadium was packed and it was a fantastic atmosphere with the roof closed.  I look forward to maintaining this standard for the rest of the tournament and can't tell you enough how special the reception from the Japanese fans has been....I love playing here.


Off to dinner now where I can guarantee you I will not have another shot of Sake!


Talk with you again tomorrow,





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10/07/2006 | 12:34 PM
So, where you hit was "BENKEI NO NAKIDOKORO" meaning, BENKEI's weak-spot! Ouch, that must have really hurt!
I hope the bruise will heal quickly and that you will not be having any nightmares anymore...
Hope you get a good rest after tomorrows final ma
10/06/2006 | 09:32 PM
Hello Roger!!!
That was really strange, but thankGOD there is no, serious injury, as i am always afraid of ur injuries, plz be careful, and as far as ur dream is concerned, dreams are just dreams, that's really good that you recovered early and paid atte
10/06/2006 | 09:16 PM
Dear Roger,

thanks a lot for giving us a look behind the Roger Federer off the court. It is such a pleasure to read what you have to say about your day. I'm sure you have already recognized how much your blog is loved by your fans and that we really be
10/06/2006 | 08:05 PM
Roger, I am enjoying your news so much. I am trying to learn German and so I translated your Blog from the German site. (It took a while; but I'm trying!) Good Luck in Japan.
10/06/2006 | 08:00 PM
hi rogi'
Felt sorry for your bruised leg.Hope it is ok now .hope you read our message
10/06/2006 | 07:55 PM
Hey Roger!!

I have been following the tournnament progress from the ATP and your official website,because here in Greece the stations do not show all the tennis tournaments.
To comment on your blog (doubtfull you'll see this comment but anyway) it is
10/06/2006 | 07:50 PM
it's really great that I can see your daily life .. My dream comes true

Will the calendar be sold in Thailand? I'd like to have one.

I'm waiting for a christmas gift ^v^
10/06/2006 | 07:45 PM
Lol that was a great story Rog. I've ran into the corner of wood beds before OUCH!
Maybe put pillows around the corners of the bed just in case you freak out again :)
10/06/2006 | 07:26 PM
I loved your posting on the nightmare. It was so vivid and funny at the same time. Hope your tibia is sound and good. I wonder if Mirka had the powers to get into your dreams and execute her revenge in your subconscious. :)
Keep enjoying the sophisticat
10/06/2006 | 07:18 PM
Hi Roger !!!
I am very happy with your blog, it's nice you can write us ...
It's a pity your nighmare ... but you are lucky 'cause Mirka was there... so
Sweet dreams ... for the next time ... !!! ;)
XXX, kisses ...
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