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Roger cruises through

24.11.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger also won his third match in London, defeating Mardy Fish 6-1, 3-6, 6-3 today - continuing his impressive run at the ATP World Tour Finals.

"I've played Mardy a few times and he's always very dangerous," said Roger after the match. "He takes the ball extremely early, serves great and can get on roll. I was worried in the third set. I thought I was going to lose today but I'm very happy. It's been a great run since the US Open - I've been all round the world but I'm still going strong. Hopefully I can make it a nice weekend."

Roger started the match with the same kind of efficiency that helped him beat Rafael Nadal in just 60 minutes on Tuesday - our champ had three breaks in the first set. In the second set, Fish found his rhythm and played strong at the net, finally holding his nerve to seal the set. But Roger immediately took control of the deciding set by breaking Fish for a 2-0 lead and closed out the match in an hour and 47 minutes.

Roger will now play the runner-up from Group A in Saturday's semi-final.


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11/25/2011 | 04:31 AM
Congratulations Dear Roger!!!
Thank you so much for giving us your wonderful tennis!!!
Love every moment seeing you play like you are doing in the 02....this trophe belongs to you..you deserve it and we all support you and pray for you.
Love youuuuu
11/25/2011 | 04:30 AM

11/25/2011 | 03:28 AM
I was born diplomatic. I understand and never complained. I'm ALWAYS going to say "crush the opponent" but I also know that Roger Federer knows what it takes to get the job done. So long as it gets done I think that we are all loving it! : D
11/25/2011 | 03:15 AM
**** Aruehli****
I think Roger a diplomat of the highest order. Was there a need to crush Fish today? No, especially since Roger could win without humiliating his opponent who is, after all, new to the tournament and a good player who happens to have a hamstring injury. Roger did what was necessary to win while allowing his opponent to display his talent - which he did. Fish is a good player (wonderful serve motion and soft hands at the net) but he is injured. I salute Roger's diplomacy!
11/25/2011 | 03:11 AM
Well done Roger, very well done! Thank you again. I am so happy!!!!!!
With God's blessings, the same great work for the next match and the next.
Love you always.
marie in mtl
11/25/2011 | 03:08 AM
For Roger Federer, Excellence in never debatable. You have it so you focus AND get the job done! : D

Much Love and the Trophy!
11/25/2011 | 03:03 AM
roger, you are the best, lets go to win the championship atp world finals you deserve !!!
11/25/2011 | 02:52 AM
well done roger...you are the best,,,, you are the champ...you are the god of tennis...
11/25/2011 | 02:32 AM
Well, this is the Federer dilemma. You play so brilliantly that we are blinded by it and expect you to do the same thing every day. Today was one of those only "half-brilliant days." What you have reminded us all of is that you are still simply the best -- WHEN you are focused as you were against Rafa. The rest of the time, you get the job done as you did today, but it wasn't very exciting for either of us. Just two more wins. Keep the faith!!
11/25/2011 | 02:13 AM

I am sure you can keep this same level not only the following 2 match

You can keep same all next year!!!!!!

Go Roger Go! Keep like this and re take Number ONE again next year !

Best for All